Fungi on the skin of our cats: Dermatomycosis

Dermatomycosis is a fungal disease that affects your pet’s skin . This is a disease that not only cats can suffer but also dogs and humans. So pay close attention as your cat can give it to you too.

This disease mainly attacks the youngest animals since their defenses are less prepared for any disease.

Dermatomycosis is characterized by hair loss and medallion-shaped lesions, frequently located on the head and legs, both front and rear.

Your pet can acquire this disease in the following way : by contact with an animal that already suffers from this disease, through the environment by spores, or by using transport cages that are contaminated. However, pay close attention as there are different factors that will make your cat predisposed to acquire this parasite:

  • Excessive cleaning of your cat, in addition to removing the natural barriers that can prevent disease, spread the fungus throughout the rest of his body.
  • If you are in contact with other cats you notice that they are missing hair in the areas already mentioned above.
  • If your cat is with low defenses due to another disease that is suffering, it can be spread more easily.

If your pet suffers from this disease it is very important that you immediately visit your veterinarian to begin treatment to eliminate it. Do not worry that it is not a lethal disease, but it is very important that you complete the treatment that the veterinarian sends you, which usually lasts about a month and consists of fungicidal creams or pills to eliminate the parasite.





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