Fruits and vegetables forbidden for cats

There are a series of prohibited fruits and vegetables for cats that it is convenient that we do not have or that, at least, we keep as far away as possible from the animals to prevent them from having a bad time. And it is very good to want to reward them with a meal that they do not usually eat daily, but it is better if we know what they can eat and what not.

Therefore, let’s avoid scares and unpleasant moments, and let’s see what fruits and vegetables can NOT taste .

Dangerous fruits for cats

They are as follows:

  • Avocado: it is a fruit that is often confused with a vegetable since it does not have that pleasant flavor that the fruits we know have. Yet that is precisely what it is. In addition, it is very dangerous for cats because it contains persin, which is a toxic substance for felines and, if that were not enough, it can damage the pancreas.
  • Banana and plantain: they can eat a little, that is, a bite, but not more, otherwise they will have severe diarrhea.
  • Citrus (oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, etc.):they can cause stomach pain and discomfort. Fortunately, neither the smell nor the taste attracts them (they do not perceive the sweet ).
  • Grapes and raisins: their intake causes kidney problems.

Dangerous vegetables for cats

The most damaging are:

  • Garlic: in small doses they do not pose a problem (many excellent quality feed, that is, those with fresh ingredients and without cereals) usually contain a very low amount of garlic, but it should not be abused as it contains thiosulfate, which is a substance that it can cause anemia.
  • Onion: like garlic, it contains thiosulfate, but in greater quantities, hence it is more dangerous.
  • Raw potatoes and other tubers: they contain solanine, which is a bitter and toxic substance both for cats and for people. Of course: once cooked they can be eaten in peace 🙂.
  • Tomatoes: like tubers, they contain solanine. It should not be given to cats, nor is it advisable to plant tomato plants as they may want to purge themselves with the leaves, which are also harmful to them.

Don’t turn them into vegetarian cats

Finally, say that cats are carnivores. Who imagines a tiger eating grass – unless it is to purge itself? Seriously, who? Well, cats and tigers are very similar, so much so that I wrote this post to try to create awareness that the animals that live with us, no matter how affectionate they are, are hunters . They have been since their inception and probably will always be.

For this reason, the allowed fruits and vegetables should not represent more than 10-15% of their diet , and of course, they should not be given every day, but rather from time to time.

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