Fruits and vegetables for cats

Have you ever wanted to give your cat a fruit or vegetable, but didn’t know which one? The fruits and vegetables can be used as a reward, even though the animal is a strict carnivore. And fortunately for us, and also for him, we can give him a great variety of these foods.

Without further ado, let’s know what they are .

id=”more-7197″>Many cats love fruit and / or vegetables, but you must bear in mind that this should not account for more than 10 or 15% of their daily diet , since their body does not need it as much as taurine (an amino acid that is found in animal protein that helps them, among other things, to maintain healthy eyes). For this reason, they can be given a piece from time to time, previously washed with water, without skin or bone, but avoiding excesses.

Discover the best fruits and vegetables to give your furry:


Among the healthiest fruits for your furry we find apple , pear , melon , peach , strawberries and, of course, watermelon . In addition, many of them will begin to find them for sale now, in summer, since it is harvest season. Take the opportunity to give it something natural and, above all, different! It is likely that he will end up loving it, and will ask you for more.


The vegetables should be cooked before providing them to the animal, so that they can digest them more easily. Among the most recommended we have peas , asparagus , lettuce , pumpkin , green beans , carrots and cucumbers .


From time to time it is not bad that our cat can taste a piece of fruit or vegetables. Especially now that the heat is on, you will almost certainly choose to take a good bite of some fresh fruit, such as watermelon. Thus, in addition to staying cool , you will drink water , something very necessary to avoid urine infections.

Do you give your cat fruits and vegetables?


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