Forbidden foods for cats

When deciding what food we are going to give to the furry one, it is very important that we bear in mind that there are a series of prohibited foods for cats that could cause more than one problem, and could even put their life at risk. But of course, you don’t always know what can and cannot be given, so this time we are going to tell you what you should not give your friend , so that in this way you can make sure that what he eats is not It will put you in danger.

There are foods, such as milk, that are usually given to him very often and that he loves, but it is not good to abuse, since they can give him diarrhea and / or cause stomach pain because he cannot digest them well. But there is still more …

Meat and fish

Can you give a cat a chicken wing or a fish? It depends. In the case of foods with bone, they can be given, but raw , since if they are cooked or if they are simply put to boil, they could chip very easily, causing tears and esophageal and intestinal obstructions. On the other hand, the fish is better to give them at least boiled and without bones.


Chocolate is very toxic to cats, as it contains theobromine, which is a toxic substance for them by causing vomiting, diarrhea, increased heart rate, kidney failure, and even death. Humans can eliminate it easily and quickly in a matter of 20 or 40 minutes, but cats can take 24 hours or more.


Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, nervous system disorders and also death.

Garlic, onion and the like

These foods are very dangerous for cats, as they eliminate red blood cells from the blood and as a result, cause anemia that can end the life of the animal .


Sweets or sugary products, especially if they contain xylitol, are very toxic to cats.



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