Flying with your cat: how much does it cost?

Flying With Your Cat: How Much Does It Cost?

Flying with a cat is possible whether your flight is national or international. However, for your cat to be able to fly, you must follow a protocol that depends on the country of destination but also on the regulations in force within the chosen airline. How to travel with your cat? How much does it cost to fly with your partner? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Why travel with your cat?

We all have a good reason to fly with our cat. For some, the process is necessary because of a move or a transfer. For others, the separation from their partner is too much to bear. Rest assured, whatever your motivations, you can travel with your cat. Even if all airlines impose a protocol, they accept pets. Just keep in mind that this trip is not prepared at the last minute. You have to anticipate it and put yourself in order.

Traveling with a cat: what are the conditions?

If you wish to travel with your cat within the European Union, you must respect the following conditions.

    • Your cat must be identified using an electronic chip. This is injected under the skin in the neck. It is no bigger than a grain of rice but has a 15-digit code. The identification of a cat is done before its 6 months at the time of the sterilization of the animal.


    • You must have a European passport which guarantees the identification of the animal. This passport is issued and updated by the veterinarian who follows your animal. All you have to do is ask for it during a consultation. The document is free!
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    • Your cat must be vaccinated against rabies. The identification of the animal is only valid if it has received a rabies vaccine. The injection is done from 12 weeks. The animal is protected 3 weeks after the injection. Before this time, you will not be able to travel by plane with him. Annual reminders of the rabies vaccine must be made.

It should be noted that it is forbidden to travel with more than 5 pets. Exceptions exist for contests, exhibitions or sports competitions. In this case, the animals must be older than 6 months and you must present the official papers.

How to choose your transport box?

If you are traveling with your cat by plane, you must provide a transport box. But beware ! This equipment must be IATA approved. The requirements for these boxes are as follows.

    • The shell of the transport box intended for cats must be rigid. Most often, these crates are made of fiberglass or rigid plastic. Assembly must be done using bolts.
    • If the transport box has wheels or rollers, they must be removed or blocked with tape, for example. This option is recommended if the wheels are retractable.
    • The locking system must be centralized and during the trip the cage must be locked.
    • The cage should be large enough for your cat to stand up and turn around without difficulty.

Of course, at the time of purchase, it is enough to ensure that the transport cage is IATA approved. Carrying bags are prohibited. The price of a transport box varies between 25€ and 60€. Added to this is the cost of transport.

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How much does air travel cost for a cat?

The extra charge if you are traveling with your cat depends on the airline, the route and the weight of the crate with the animal. Be aware that the choice of airline is essential because some allow animals in the cabin while others require travel in the hold.

The price for traveling with a crate is the same as if you had extra baggage.

    • If you stay in France, you have to count 20€ if the crate with the cat inside weighs less than 8 kg and 40€ if the whole thing weighs more.
    • If you change country, the price is 50 to 75€ if you are traveling within the European Union and can reach 300€ if you are traveling internationally.

Attention ! Some airlines do not allow pets. This is the case for Air Asia, Ryanair, EasyJet and Etihad (if the flight passes through Abu Dhabi). It should also be noted that some airlines refuse dogs and cats with snub noses in the hold. If they weigh less than 8 kg, they can go in the cabin but beyond that, it’s impossible!

Before traveling with your cat, it is highly recommended to find out about the regulations in force in the country that will be your destination, but also about the conditions applied by the airlines.

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