Five reasons why your cat hits the water while drinking?

Cats have a reputation for not liking water. Try bathing them! I know from experience…

However, some cats like to play with their water bowl. Sometimes they stick their front leg in the water and throw it away. Others dip their paw in the water and use it almost as if they are licking ice cream.

Here I will indicate the possible reasons, you know that with cats it is difficult to find the reasons for their behavior, but I will try …

Therefore, why does your cat hit the water when drinking?


  1. To measure the depth of the drinking water

By tapping the water, our cats can  estimate the distance that separates them from the surface  of the water and find where the water is in the container. In fact, they are almost unable to distinguish standing water. They know it’s there, but they can’t see it.

When you don’t fill the waterer to constant levels each day, your cat may not know where the top is when changing from day to day. In this case, your cat can use its paw to check the depth.

Older cats with poor eyesight may also need to use their paws to discover the depth of the water, simply because they cannot see as well as they used to.



  1. Avoid whisker fatigue

It is no secret that the cat’s whiskers , which they use to orient themselves in space, are highly sensitive tactile hairs. They have deeper roots than normal hairs and have nerve endings. Therefore, when the cat  rubs its whiskers  against a surface, it can generate a  feeling of discomfort.  It could even be painful for some. This phenomenon is called whisker fatigue.

This particular fatigue is often caused by  deep and too narrow sprues . It is exactly the same thing that happens with cats that take their  food out of their bowl and  eat it on the ground. In this case, to avoid problems choose  large and shallow bowls .

  1. For fun

Cats are  playful , and you have to admit that dipping their paws in water is a lot of fun for them. In fact, even if many do not like to bathe, the  water often fascinates them .

In this case, if you see that your cat plays frequently with the water in his bowl, try to place it in a place where it is easy to clean the damage. Another solution may be to install a  mat   under the bowl of water.


  1. Cats like to drink water on the go

Many cats prefer to  drink the water that comes out of the tap rather than what is in their bowl.

The reason is simple: in nature, cats have a habit of being  wary of stagnant water , it is likely to contain many bacteria and they  prefer moving water , always fresh and clean.

This is probably an evolutionary theme that helps protect cats from being poisoned by bacteria or other substances.

So if your cat likes to move the water with her paws to drink in her bowl, maybe it’s because she prefers the water to move .

A  pet water fountain  is a good idea for these cats and can encourage increased water consumption, which is healthy for cats that might otherwise have  dehydration issues .

  1. As security not to be surprised

This occurs more frequently in households with several cats where there are problems of conflicts between them. In this case, a cat may not like the idea of ​​lowering his head to drink, as it could give another cat a chance to  jump on him  without  him seeing it.

Therefore, putting his paw in the water to drink allows him to always be in control of his surroundings . In this case, try adding more containers of water around the house. But be careful not to place them in places where the cat may feel trapped, such as corners of a room or against a wall.




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