First aid for cats

Although we try to avoid it, cats sometimes have accidents. A bad fall, the ingestion of something toxic, an accident … for this reason, it is very important to have a first aid kit on hand, because you never know when you may need it.

If you have never lived with a feline before, then I am going to tell you what first aid should be for cats .

What has to be in the medicine cabinet?

In the first aid kit there must be just and necessary to treat the cat at home , which is: scissors, syringes, cotton, rectal thermometer, petroleum jelly, gloves, blanket, sterile gauze, bandages, Elizabethan collar, saline solution, tweezers, soap, sample pot and cans of wet food.

As for medicines, the only ones we can have are betadine and hydrogen peroxide. Why? Because we cannot medicate the cat without first consulting with the veterinarian, since the dose that he has been able to indicate once may not be effective. Of course, if the animal has medical problems that require long or lifelong treatment, we will have to have its medications in the medicine cabinet.

Another thing that we cannot miss is the telephone number of the emergency veterinarians.

How to act if my cat is unwell?

If something has happened to the cat or it is unwell, we must take it to the vet. But sometimes “little” accidents happen, so first of all we have to help you at home. For example:

  • Wounds: if you have made a cut or a cat has scratched you, it will be enough to clean the area with hydrogen peroxide and add a little betadine.
  • Burns: we have to immediately apply a cloth soaked in cold water. If the chemical agent has entered the eye, we will apply a good amount of saline solution.
  • Loss of consciousness: emergency artificial respiration should be performed as follows: the cat is placed on the floor, face up. We will look to see if there is any foreign body that may be choking him and, if so, we will remove it with a forceps, having previously pulled his tongue forward. Then, we will join our mouth with his and exhale air. We have to do ten exhalations per minute, leaving a pause of 5 seconds.




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