Feed each stage of your cat’s life in the best way

Like us humans, our cats go through  great stages  throughout their lives. Stages that are very different from each other, and in which in each one they will need specific care to be able to enjoy them to the fullest.

And it is that, everyone knows that, as they age, they no longer have the same energy nor can they feed themselves as well as when they were young. To help them, it is very important to  give them a feed that meets all their  nutritional needs .

Your relationship changes over time, with Ultima his diet too


I still remember when my cats were puppies. They were tremendous. They ran around the house every day, and also spent all the time they weren’t sleeping doing the odd thing. They were also very suspicious of people, like the beautiful cat named Bond in the video. But there is nothing like a  good feed , to help it grow strong, to earn the trust of a kitten.


Bond being a puppy.

When they were one year old, I already knew they were adults, so my relationship with them has changed a bit. They are still very active, but they have already stopped growing. In addition, as after sterilization they tend to gain weight and have urinary problems, a good feed  must favor the proper pH of their urine to avoid problems arising.


Bond, being an adult cat.

One of my cats, Susty, who is ten years old, is not the same as before. Her bones are beginning to wear out, and she has begun to change her habits: she is much calmer, and she hardly plays. Her appetite is not the same either, so we have had to change her feed again to be able to continue taking care of her and that she can continue with her daily routine .


Bond, being an older cat.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, for the simple reason that your cat will not always be able to eat the same food. You have to think that a kitten’s teeth do not have the strength that those of an adult have, and it does not have the same nutritional needs as an older cat. But don’t worry: with Ultima your friend will be able to grow and stay healthy during his life, with his last Junior (for cats from 0 to 1 year old), last Sterilized Adult (1 to 10 years old), and last Sterilized Senior  ( for those over 10 years old).

And also, now you can get 3 free months of feed and, last but not least, a session of 10 professional photos with him . For more information, click here .

You can follow Ultima on her Facebook , and on Instagram @ultimaes.

Feed each stage of your cat’s life with a suitable feed for him, and you will see how his health will always remain strong.



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