Eye infection in cats and kittens. Symptoms and Treatment

If you are reading this, you are probably concerned about the possibility of an eye infection in your feline friend. But before you start to panic, take a deep breath. Not everything that seems as serious as an infection is actually an infection.

Similar to skin problems, eye infections in cats and kittens are irritations and inflammations caused by internal or external factors.

They can affect the area around your furry friend’s eyes, brows, and nose, including the eyelids. And they can also affect the inner eye; iris, choroid, ligaments, etc.


Causes of eye infections in cats

Kittens and adult cats alike can develop a number of eye infections . Some of them are breed specific, while others are triggered by different factors. Here are the most common culprits:

  • Allergies
  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Fungal infections
  • External and internal parasites

It depends on the kitten’s immune system, its DNA inheritance and its general health, as well as its environment. For example, your pet could develop eye problems if he resides in a home infested with bacteria and cigarette smoke. You could also get the problem from being in contact with infected animals.

Kittens in general are quite prone to eye infections . They are usually caused by possible health conditions in your mother. Furthermore, an unsanitary environment can also make them prone to the development of diseases.

Adult and elderly cats are prone to eye infections mainly due to faulty genetic inheritance or weak immune systems.

Types of eye infection in cats

Here are the most common types of cat eye infections. If you suspect something is wrong with your kitten, seek the opinion of a veterinary professional.



This is the most widespread eye infection in cats, kittens, and older cats. Also known as red eye or pink eye, conjunctivitis can affect one or both eyes, the eyeballs, and the inner eyelid areas.

If it is not. the inflammation could pose a serious eye hazard to your pet.

Third eyelid

The third eyelid is just a membrane, which mostly remains hidden. Sometimes it can become visible or almost completely cover a cat’s eye. The fact that the inner eyelid is showing indicates that there is something wrong with your pet’s eyes: conjunctivitis, cancers, bacterial infections, inflammation of wounds, etc.

Some cats, like Albinos, have more sensitive eyes, while others are genetically prone to developing eye diseases. Either way, if the third eyelid is visible continuously, you should definitely seek out a vet.



Cataracts can affect animals too. Cataract is a fading or clouding that is clearly visible in older kittens. It causes decreased vision during the day as well as at night. Fortunately, there are some medications that can slow down your pet’s cataracts.


Similar to cataract, keratitis clouds the cat’s eyes. It is an inflammation of the cat’s cornea and can decrease your pet’s vision. Unlike cataracts, it can affect cats of all ages.


Another eye infection that causes cloudiness is glaucoma. It increases the pressure in the eye and causes swelling, reddish eyeballs, dilated pupils, excessive blinking, and loss of vision.

This type of eye inflammation usually appears as a secondary infection from another disease. Treatment plans are available for all stages of glaucoma. However, the cat will need surgery, which will prevent the inflammation from spreading further.

Feline herpesvirus

The feline herpes virus known as FVH-1 is a common problem that can affect cats of all breeds and ages. Not only is it to blame for numerous health complications, but the worst part is that once it affects your kitten, it remains dormant in the feline system for the rest of its life.

FVH-1 causes infections in the nasal and eye area, as well as other troublesome outcomes such as fever, loss of appetite, and loss of the sense of smell. Regardless of how severe and scary it seems, feline herpesvirus can be treated like the aforementioned eye infections or inflammations. The important thing is to detect the problem early and seek the services of a good veterinarian.

Treatment of eye infections in cats and kittens


As a pet parent, I myself know how alarming all of these infections are , especially considering that they can lead to vision problems or vision loss.

Fortunately, current medicine makes the treatment of these eye infections possible.

Depending on the case and its severity, your vet can prescribe various medications. If the infection has progressed, your kitty may need eye surgery. Even in such cases, treatment plans are variable and can save your pet’s life.

The following symptoms of eye infections will help you detect an eye infection at an early stage:

  • Redness of the eyes
  • Pus and dirt in the eyes
  • Lethargy and depression
  • Vision problems
  • Loss of orientation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Other signs of discomfort

Veterinarians can carry out a variety of tests to determine the problem. In some cases, your cat may not have an eye infection.

The most important thing is to carefully follow the doctor’s advice and make sure your kitten lives in a calm, comfortable and safe environment.

Stress can actually make your pet prone to developing eye infections and other types of illnesses. Treat your kitten wisely and be sure to meet all of her dietary, entertainment, and health care requirements.

Don’t neglect the daily needs of your feline friend. He will appreciate you for your efforts from the bottom of his heart for the rest of his life.




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