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The character of the red cat, it will also be due to its color, is very passionate. Finding it around is not easy and having it at home is a real fortune

Well yes, the red cats character mirrors their appearance. They are true Latin lovers, textbook seducers. In short, resisting them is practically impossible: whether they are real cat lovers (who are very easy to conquer), or newcomers to the feline world.

Noted from the movie Garfield, we are faced with very powerful and energetic four-legged friends, in movements and in personality. Anyone who owns one will be able to confirm what has been said so far. With them you will never get bored and each of their choices will leave you surprised and with bated breath: it is not uncommon to surprise them balancing on the most absurd areas of the house.

All this makes us understand how easy it is to fall in love with them, but how they are not exemplary for everyone. They need to receive a lot of attention and, especially as puppies, they must be monitored regularly (after however having strictly secured the outside and inside of the apartment: recklessness is their middle name!Red male cats, character

The character of red cats is energetic and instinctive. If this four-legged friend wants something, he does everything to get it, including a bevy of kittens in love with him. With his soft and very virile gait he goes straight towards the goal. As already mentioned, he is truly a Latin lover, and not just with female specimens. Their tender but also decisive personality makes everyone agree and it is certain that at least one caress will escape us.

The soft, sometimes long, and lion-like coat makes it fascinating and magnetic. Even his penetrating gaze contributes to the conquest of bipeds and quadrupeds. And if he starts to purr, particularly loud, there is none for anyone!

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What is certain, however, is that – beyond the initial infatuation – whoever decides to adopt a red-coated specimen must be certain that they have all the resources, economic and emotional, to take care of them until death do them part.

Red Cat In The House

overweight ginger cat

Knowing the character of red cats, before taking one home with you, is essential to be sure of what you are getting into. Don’t worry: it will conquer you too! It is a feline curious and very affectionate with your two-legged adventure friend. A lot of love and a lot of passion towards the people who take care of him make him a little wary (and sometimes aggressive) towards strangers. He loves hand-to-hand cuddles.

In short, it is simply a matter of making the four walls that host it welcoming. Not only games that stimulate mind and body, comfortable and warm kennels, bowls with baby food and fresh water, but also and above all a mum and/or dad who show him every day how important he is. Like all Latin lovers, in fact, behind so much bravado, there is also a little insecurity that needs to be appeased every now and then.

Character Of Red Cats, Rare And Special Specimens

ginger cat licks other cat

If we are already in love with the unique nature of this miniature lion cub, be careful: it is really rare to see compared to the white cats or black cats that we often notice around. How come? It depends on the genetics. In fact, in felines the red color is established by Orange gene capable of transforming the black pigment of the cat into red / orange or cream.

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This DNA-bound rarity ensures that the proportion between males and females is nine to one (statistics in hand). It is then a question of a truly out of the ordinary and special feline from every point of view, color and character.

Red Cats, There Are More Boys

We know the character of red cats, and now we also know that it’s easier to find than boys: girls are even rarer. This depends on whether there is an Orange gene dominant and one recessive. The latter can only be transmitted by a female cat.

The red male cat can only have the dominant one. In the event that the O gene is recessive, the cat takes on any other color (black, white, gray and so on). The boy can be red only when the mother has the dominant O gene, and this happens in only two cases:

  • When the mother is red;
  • When the mother is tricolor.

A red cat instead it can inherit the O gene from either parent. In that case it may have:

  • Both dominant genes: so the cat will be 100% red (very rare);
  • Both recessive: in this case the cat will surely have another color;
  • One dominant and one recessive: mix and the cat could be red or tricolor.

Then the red cat is female only when both father and mother carry the O gene. For this reason there are more red male cats than females. One more reason to want a little lion cub – male or female – among the members of your family.

Many People Have Also Asked Us

Maine Coon ginger cat

These four-legged friends are so fascinating that questions and curiosities are almost a must. It being understood that it is always better to give a new life to those who live in a cage one meter by one meter and to choose one’s life partner within a shelter there are many breeds of specimens that have red hair among the predominant characteristics.

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Why Are Ginger Cats Brindle?

In addition to the character of ginger cats, it is worth knowing a little more about the physical (magnetic) aspect of these little balls of fur. Normally the fur is red-gold. Red alone is so rare as to be almost non-existent. Much more frequent is the Tabby or Soriano (which is none other than the brindle), from the name of the French silk which becomes iridescent with movement.

What Are The Breeds Of Ginger Cats?

And even here perhaps not everyone has detailed knowledge of the cat with an irresistible character. Who wants opt for a specimen of this type, among the races available, you are spoiled for choice. Here they are below:

  • Maine Coons;
  • British Shorthairs;
  • Persian cat;
  • Siberian cat;
  • Abyssinian Sorrel;
  • Burmese cat;
  • Siamese cat.

Obviously, beyond the characteristics that all red cats have in common, then there are some differences related to racial characteristics. Among these, in fact, there are also the cat breeds most suitable for children. Anyone who wants to learn more about those just mentioned can access our dedicated section.


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