European Common Cat Breed

Considered as great companions, it is common to come across these cats in the home of relatives, friends or on the street, since they are one of the most widespread breeds in cities throughout Europe.

However, they have a great capacity to adapt, so they can also accommodate living in the country or in a villa on the outskirts. Discover the reasons why the European Common Cat can be a faithful and affectionate colleague.

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Characteristics of the European Common Cat

Origin Europe
Medium size / muscular without being burly
Weight from 3 to 6 kg males and females
Short, silky and fine hair. Black, white or orange color / Two-color with the combination of black and white or orange and white. It also appears brindle or marbled (Tabby)
Round head / have a face with wide cheeks
Medium-sized and rounded ears
Rounded eyes that are blue, yellow, or green, which is the most common
Medium and thick tail / Tapers towards the tip
Estimated longevity of 12 to 15 years
Difficulty caring for it low

Character and behavior of the European common cat

The common European cat has a great attachment to his family, but without losing his independence and his hunting instinct. His behavior will depend, to a large extent, on the relationship with the people with whom he shares his life: if you fill him with pampering from a young age, he will be a very affectionate cat. One of his favorite habits is to sleep in the bed of his favorite human, especially in winter, when you will find him every morning under your duvet.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that they can become very territorial if they are not properly socialized from puppies. In these cases, it will be difficult for them to assimilate the arrival of new members to the family, whether they are canines, felines and even babies. With strangers they tend to be suspicious or shy.




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