Effects of the sun on the cat’s skin

Exposure to the sun is very good both for humans and of course for our cat companions, but if we do not protect them tomorrow they could have serious problems, such as skin cancer.

For this reason, if you do not know the effects of the sun on the cat’s skin, I encourage you to read this article in which I will tell you what are the benefits and drawbacks of letting them be exposed to the star king .

beneficial effects

Prevents or delays bone diseases

The sun helps us – yes, humans too – synthesize vitamin D , without which we would not be able to absorb calcium. The deficiency of this vitamin causes osteoporosis, rickets, among others related to the bones.

Keeps them warm

Cats are warm-blooded animals, so they regulate their body temperature without problems after a certain age (5 or 6 months or so). But we do too, and yet we love to sunbathe to protect ourselves even a little from the cold So if we see that they lie down in an area of ​​the house where the sun’s rays come directly, the best we can do is leave them alone .

Damaging effects

If they are exposed to excess, they run the risk of having:


It is the first thing we will see. They can be superficial or deep burns . The former will be easier to cure, but the latter could become infected with bacteria and require veterinary help.

Solar or actinic dermatitis

If cats spend a lot of time each day exposed, the skin becomes inflamed and red. If the exposure is prolonged , the animals will itch and therefore scratch , causing wounds that could become infected.

Skin cancer

It is a disease caused by the abnormal growth of cells that have mutated, turning into malignant tumor cells. This is a process that does not happen overnight, but is rather slow. All cats are vulnerable, but those that are white or have some white part (ears, nose and / or mouth) are at special risk since the absence or low content of melanin (it is what makes the hair have color) the risk of developing this pathology increases.




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