Does your cat show you its belly? These are the reasons

On more than one occasion you will have tried to caress your cat’s belly while he was lying down showing you his belly. In this case, it is likely that one of two circumstances occurred: either he let you do it, or on the contrary, he let you know that he did not like the idea at all.

In any case, you should know that even if your cat turns upside down , you must take your precautions if you want to pet it.

So why is your cat showing you its belly? Here are the possible reasons.

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1. Your cat trusts you

If your cat is happy with you, he will most likely show you his belly as a sign of confidence . In fact, by showing this part of your body, you know that you are in a  position of weakness . And the reason is that it is the most vulnerable part of your body, where all your vital organs are located.

Therefore, it indicates that  he feels perfectly safe  in your company. Know that if danger arises,  you can protect it . Therefore, you can be relaxed and confident.

2. He is happy to see you

If, when you return home, your cat welcomes you  lying on its back , it is because it makes him happy to see you. It is  his way of greeting you , a sign that he loves you. This type of greeting is done a lot by my cat Nina, but not always, it depends on the day …

3. He’s on the defensive

If your cat is showing her belly and seems  nervous , she may be in a defensive posture . In fact, it is in this position that they adopt  when they are attacked  by other cats or by predators and cannot flee. This allows them to defend themselves with their claws and fangs.

If there is a confrontation with another cat, rolling onto its side to expose its gut is not a sign of submission, but rather, a defensive reaction that communicates to the opponent that he will use all weapons (teeth and all claws) if there is a fight.

How can you tell if your pet is showing a defensive attitude? See if it shows any of the following behaviors:

  • Lick his lips:Cats lick their lips after meals or when cleaning, but it can also be due to stress caused by a violent situation.
  • His ears are flattened:This is an indication of fear.
  • He “vocalizes” excessively. This is a sign of fear.

4. Your cat is relaxed

Sometimes felines show us their bellies when they are completely relaxed . They can be happy and in a playful mood. Cats sometimes roll on their stomachs when playing with their favorite items (such as a toy, mouse, or bird). They can also roll after they use up their energy, and they need to rest.

However, even though they are relaxed, this is not an invitation for a gut massage.

5. You want to calm possible conflicts

Showing the gut can also be a  sign of appeasement  directed at you or other cats. In fact, if the situation seems tense, you can take this position to  dissuade those in  front of you from being aggressive.

6. Your cat is in heat

A female cat in heat will roll onto her back as a mating behavior. It is a sign of frustration and affection for your partner. In this case, it is better to stay away until she recovers again.

7. Has irritated skin

If your cat starts begging you to stroke his belly while he hated it before, it could be because  he itches . Many factors can cause irritation to the skin of cats: insect bites, ringworm, shampoos, food intolerance or allergy.


L os feline experts have different opinions on whether to massage the belly cats. Some professionals advise against doing so. Others say it’s okay. Should you give them to your cat?

Massaging her belly depends on your cat’s preferences. Not all cats enjoy these caresses . Some cats do not like to have their belly stroked , because their most sensitive organs are in that area of ​​the body.

You can tell if your cat enjoys these massages by his behavior. If he doesn’t react improperly, then you can consider that he’s comfortable with stomach rubs.

If your cat bites, scratches, or scratches, stop stroking his stomach. Some people consider this behavior as a rejection towards them, they are very confused.

We must understand, it  is rare that cats require a caress or a stomach massage , unlike dogs. In fact, they prefer to have their neck, chin, or top of the head scratched.

Keep in mind that cats lick or rub each other, but  never on the belly .

Do you massage your cat’s belly? I would like to know your opinion




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