Do cats see ghosts or not? What you don’t expect

Assuming that the realm of the paranormal exists, have we ever wondered if felines perceive it? For example, do cats see ghosts? Let’s find out some info!

The world of the supernatural divides public opinion: there are those who believe in it and those who think it’s just a bunch of nonsense. Anyone who has a four-legged friend will have asked the question at least once in their life: i cats see ghosts or not?

One thing is certain, giving a sure answer is impossible: getting into someone’s mind is impossible, especially if they don’t speak our own language and there can’t be a comparison.

Anyone who knows the abilities of animals knows that they have particularly developed senses and are able to hear things that are closed to us, but do they manage to perceive the paranormal? Let’s find out together.

Cats See Angels

Do cats see ghosts? We can only assume, no one will ever be able to confirm it. The only aspect on which we can be certain, research in hand, is the fact that they have highly developed senses, which allow them to perceive things that we humans cannot hear.

A sense among all makes Miao a being with superpowers. In fact, the sense of smell perceives incredible things. On a less concrete level, they are also able to perceive our mood, feel tension and anxiety, understand if we are happy or sad, participate in our moods. So it doesn’t seem so absurd to believe that the cat can feel the presence of the souls of people who are no longer there, he would do it in the same way he can perceive any other emotion or substance.

Animals Sense Presences

cat behind the curtain

It’s not uncommon to talk about sixth Sense when our four-legged friends are involved. It is one (maybe or maybe not) of the false myths about cats, even if we who ‘own’ them are sure that they have something extra. For many cultures cats had magical powers, in Egypt they were even revered as gods, but the truth is that they have such developed senses that, very often, they almost make us shiver in front of the perfect perception of the world they manage to have.

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The felines manage to perceive well in advance certain types of phenomena even before they occur. In this regard, cats can predict earthquakes. And, in this sense, the sense of smell can be considered one of the main means for discovering and understanding the world. It is thanks to it that they manage to become familiar with all environments, with people or animals.

Just think of the studies that support the theory that Miao can smell the possible presence of cancer cells in a person’s body! For this (and other reasons) we almost automatically think that cats see ghosts, and other types of “paranormal” phenomena that we would not be able to explain otherwise.

Cats Perceive Bad People

cat under the bed

Sometimes cats have gods anomalous behaviors, at least in our eyes. It’s not unusual to see a feline stop to look at a fixed point, where in reality there is nothing appreciable. It can also happen that, once he enters a room, he begins to be agitated and nervous, pacing back and forth just as if there were something bothering him.
Every four-legged friend has its own character, so when a cat perceives the souls of the deceased it can have diametrically opposite reactions to those of its peers. There are felines that when they sense the presence of a ghost become alert and excited, they enjoy themselves.

Others, on the other hand, may react by hiding because they are afraid or showing their teeth and becoming very aggressive. These different behaviors, according to some, would be a consequence of the fact that pets are able to perceive the goodness of mind of the people. This is why cats protect us, and they would also do it with spirits, managing to distinguish between good and bad.

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Cats And Souls Of The Deceased, The Studies

fearful cat

Over the years, numerous studies have been conducted on sensory capabilities of animals. We have discovered how much more developed their hearing and smell are than ours. Supernatural experts have also conducted research into whether cats (and dogs) see ghosts. So-called paranormal investigators, who research and track down ghosts in haunted places, believe that Miao’s senses are even more effective than certain high-tech tools they use.

Robert Morris, psychologist and researcher, did a test inside an allegedly “haunted” house by ghosts. Legend has it that, in very ancient times, terrible crimes had taken place there, which brought with them supernatural presences that had remained in the place for centuries.

That’s when he let him in a dog, a cat, a mouse and a rattlesnake in the room where the alleged paranormal presence should have been. Indeed, the animals all had an aggressive, defensive and nervous reaction when faced with a particular point in the room. At this point it could be useful to know how the possessive aggression of the cat manifests itself. But when they were taken to another room, where no presence was assumed, absolutely nothing happened.

Many People Have Also Asked Us

cat staring

In the light of what has been said so far, can we therefore arrive at the certain conclusion that cats see ghosts? Of course not: everything it is not scientifically proven. What is rationally certain is that animals, especially some species, have a perception of the world and of situations that are certainly more developed than what we bipeds can have.

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Cats See Ghosts, What To Do?

We assume that our four-legged friends can perceive high frequency sounds, those that we cannot smell, as well as smells and scents that could be associated with a presence. Those who don’t believe in ghosts don’t even have the problem, but those who believe in them risk getting very scared when Miao suddenly starts behaving strangely. The advice is not to panic: at that moment the cat may have heard a particular sound or even the presence of a person he does not particularly like: nothing more.

Is It True Or False Myths?

The topic is still debated but in fact there is absolutely no scientific evidence to prove this thesis, which currently remains a mere guess, however fascinating. What is certain is that our four-legged friends are able to capture the “energies” emanating from the earth, from things, from people.

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