Do cats recognize their owners? You will be surprised by the answer.

Cats have a reputation for being cold and aloof. Most likely, they may not always react when you  call their name,  but cats are still loyal and loving pets. Despite their independent nature, they are perfectly capable of  bonding with their owners .

Will a cat recognize its owner?  They do, but not necessarily by sight.

As a peculiarity, cats tend to identify people by the smell and timbre of voices. This is caused by their hunting instincts. For generations, cats have learned to trust their noses and what they hear through their ears.

In this article, I show you the relationship between felines and humans, and how to forge a happy bond with your cat.

Do cats recognize their owners by sight?

The sense of sight is superior to ours. Cats see  better at night, and their peripheral field of vision is wider than ours. On the contrary, they see  less range of colors than humans .

This limitation in vision means that cats cannot distinguish humans by sight alone . A cat knows that a person is approaching it, yet it cannot know who it is.

You could say that  cats view humans with a simplistic view . Cats do not recognize breed, gender or hair color etc.

Despite this, cats are capable of recognizing human facial expressions.


Do cats recognize the voices of their owners? 

What if they can distinguish your cat is your voice . When a cat hears its owner’s voice, it automatically becomes alert.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that he cares. This is why cats don’t always come when you call them. He will turn his head when he hears your voice, however unless you use a word that the cat associates with a reward, he is unlikely to move.

Cats even recognize the sounds you make, by the weight and volume of your steps. You may notice that a house cat always waits at the door to greet certain members of the family. That’s because he recognized the gait of his “favorite person” on the outside.

Can Cats Recognize Human Language?

Cats will learn certain words and understand what they mean, usually if they are associated with something positive. With dinner time! you’re more likely to get a positive response than bath time!

However, in general, what cats understand is the sound rather than the words themselves . Just like a cat can read our faces, it can read our words.

Cats respond much better to high-pitched voices, with words spoken in a calm tone .


Do cats recognize your smell?

Perhaps the most developed sense in cats is that of smell . The smell of a human is like a fingerprint for cats. We all have a slightly different smell, when that smell is detected by your nose, it will trigger recognition in the cat.

If you’ve been away all day, your scent will announce to your cat that you’ve come home. This will cause your cat in a state of agitation, he will be happy to be with you again.

It is also impossible to mask your scent. Felines pick up the most subtle hints of smell from our skin that we don’t notice. Changing your perfume or deodorant won’t confuse your cat.

Do cats remember their owners after being separated?

The memory of a cat  Short term lasts about 16 hours s . However, your long-term memory is more developed.

Cats that have had a close relationship with their human companions show strong affection and emotional bonds with those people and can remember them for a long time.

Likewise, kittens that learn to hunt from their mothers remember it for life. When cats get a little older and start roaming and patrolling, they learn about their surroundings.

Like humans, the first memories acquired at a young age are the ones most likely to stick around forever. What cats between 2 and 7 years old learn they will probably keep forever. Similarly, a kitten born into a family home will likely never forget the members of the household.

If you were fundamental in the development of your cat, this will remember you. Maybe not by sight, but he will surely remember your smell and your voice. How you react to this naturally depends on the nature of your bond before parting ways.

How do I know that a cat recognizes or remembers me?

If a  cat shows you affection , it is usually a sign that it recognizes you.

Any of the following behaviors prove that a cat recognizes and remembers you:

  • Lift the tail and fold it at the end. This is a cat’s way of saying hello and expressing that it is happy to see you again.
  • It rubs against your legs. Replace any scent on your clothes with his. They are essentially claiming you as their property.
  • He licks himself. They tend not to do this with just anyone. The cat has a good memory of you.
  • He  turns around and shows you his belly. This is the most vulnerable part of his body, he knows that you will not harm him ”.
  • He snuggles with you and falls asleep.
  • He looks at you and blinks. If you blink slowly, this is a ”  cat kiss  .” This is a rare behavior reserved only for those considered “special” for a cat.


My older cat doesn’t seem to recognize me

Unfortunately, as cats get older they can suffer from feline dementia. This condition is known as  cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) .

If your older cat doesn’t seem to recognize you, it may be because she has the symptoms of CDS.

These include:

  • Look at the walls for long periods.
  • You have a hard time reaching the trash bin.
  • Cries and becomes more vocal, especially after dark.
  • Shows little interest in wandering.
  • You forget to eat or drink.

If you suspect that your cat has CDS, consult a veterinarian. They will be able to run tests and confirm if this is the case. Detected early, the impact may decrease. It is important that you act fast.


Do cats bond with their owners?

The independent nature of cats makes them unfavorable comparisons with other pets.

That’s not true. Cats may love their owners, but they treat them the same as any other cat.

This is all due to the role of the cat in the story. Humans voluntarily domesticated other pets, such as dogs. However, the cats began to interact with us on their terms. This means that they retain the instincts necessary to survive, and even thrive, in the wild.

If your cat stays with you, it is because he feels close to your family. It has enough primitive instincts to survive outside the home. He must enjoy your company and therefore tolerate the less ideal elements of living with you.

A lot of time and research has gone into finding out if cats can recognize their owners. The answer is a resounding yes . A combination of sight, sound and smell distinguishes us from members of our feline family.

Of course, this recognition does not only apply to owners. Maybe you are a friend or family member who visits from time to time. You may even have been someone who appeared once, several years ago. The result is the same. The cat recognizes and accepts you, based on sight, sound and smell.




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