Do cats like kisses?



If you share your life with a feline or are in love with them, it is very possible that you wonder if they like kisses or not in order to strengthen your relationship. An expression of affection to which, for example, dogs know how to correspond with licking, jumping and great fervor.

Cats are owners of a particular temperament and, although they are very sensitive beings, in the opinion of ethologists, in general, they do not enjoy expressions of affection that involve direct contact. So how do they show their affection? In the next few lines we provide you with the keys.

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Cats and affection

The moods and, consequently, the expressions of affection of the felines are conditioned by several factors. Environmental conditions, the stimuli they receive from their environment, their state of health or quality of life have a direct impact on how they perceive the environment in which they live and how they interact with it.

With this we want you to notice that the kittens are not, at all, oblivious to what is happening around them. They simply display different mechanisms of expression . They are vulnerable to stress if there are sudden or drastic changes in their routine and they are able to anticipate the emotions of the human with whom they have established a bond.

What do cats like?

Although it is not possible to establish a general rule, because each animal displays a particular character, specialists in the field agree that cats are not comfortable with kisses and hugs from humans .

Both expressions of affection, widely accepted among us, imply an intrusion into his space and you may notice that his body tenses and that he tries to shake off your effusiveness. To make it clear to him how much you love him, but without overwhelming him, you should pay special attention to his body movement and his meows.

Non-verbal communication

The postures, facial expressions and, above all, the movements executed with his tail will give you the clue of what he intends to express. Thus, a raised tail with a slightly curved tip refers to the fact that he enjoys your company.

If your pet rubs his head against your legs or snuggles up next to you, you should feel flattered, as he is trying to express to you that you are well accepted by him and that you belong to his group . The head is one of the body areas of the feline that releases the most pheromones. By soaking yourself in them, he tells you that you are already someone familiar to him.

That he loved you or that he does it over a garment of yours indicates that he feels very safe with you. Specifically, he is equating you to his mother to the one he knead to stimulate milk production during lactation. If he presents you with a prize, for example, a dead animal indicates that he cares about you. He hunted for you.


The tone of the meows, as well as the presence of purring are unmistakable signs that a cat is happy in the presence of a human. Licking is also symptomatic of pleasure, although it is more typical of felines that do not live with other congeners.


Is there a cat kiss?

It is estimated that there is an equivalent to the human kiss among cats. It is possible that yours has put it into practice and you are unaware of its relevant meaning. We mean by squinting which is followed by a leisurely gaze .

If your kitten has given you one of these looks, he was showing you his affection. If you want to reciprocate, you already know, act the same way.

Show your affection. Don’t you know how?

In addition to what has already been stated, there are other ways to express your love that will be well received by your pet. We list them below:

  • Provide him with a varied diet and in the right rations for his age, health and physical activity.
  • Play with him to make him feel accompanied, cognitively stimulated and to exercise.
  • Vaccinate and deworm him at least 2 times a year.
  • Visit the veterinarian to practice preventive follow-ups according to his age.

Learn how to prepare moist homemade food

As you know, food, along with rest, is one of the favorite activities of cats. Therefore, starting to make homemade wet food will be something that will fill you with satisfaction.

Despite there being many recipes, we propose a very simple one that serves as the basis for multiple variants. You will only need a few sheets of unflavored gelatin, chicken broth, filleted chicken breast, peas and pumpkin. You should cook the vegetables while hydrating the gelatin, fry the chicken and shred everything. You will love it!

Meet your pussycat

If you are really interested in expressing your affection, you should take time to know their reactions. For example, when you caress him, you should see where he likes it best. It is very likely that the belly is not one of their favorites, since it represents a vulnerable area that they tend to safeguard for a mere survival instinct.


As you can see, there are various ways of expressing affection to felines that will surely help you to better communicate. Of course, always respecting his personality. The Maine Coon , for example, are closest to the dogs behavior and, therefore, can tolerate better welcome kisses and hugs humans.

We say goodbye with a curiosity, do you know that the Japanese have a machine that they say is capable of interpreting feline purrs? This machine lets you know when your pet wants you to pet it. How about?


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