Do cats eat cereal?

Cereals are very useful foods for us humans, since they provide us with the fiber that we need so much so that the digestive system can work well; but also, they are quite cheap, costing nothing more than a few euros for a large 50kg bag. But what about cats? Do you also benefit from them?

Many of the feeds that are sold are rich in them, and therefore, it would be normal to think that they can get some benefit from them. Still, if you want to know if cats can eat cereals, then I will answer your question.

what do cats eat?

To answer this question, it is enough to know that cats are felines, like lions, tigers, pumas, etc. What do they eat? Meat . Its teeth, its strength, its agility, … its entire body is designed to stalk, catch and eat its prey. Nobody imagines eating vegetables or cereals to a cheetah, right?

Our dear furry friends, even though humans live with us, still have the body and the needs that nature intended them to have. That is why they learn to hunt from an early age, because they never know when the opportunity to hunt a rodent, a small bird or an insect may arise, which is what they ate in the wild.

Why shouldn’t they eat cereal?

Basically because they do not have the necessary enzymes to break the chains of complex carbohydrates , such as starches. This is what causes them is that their pancreas must exert itself, generating more insulin than it would be normal. Thus, the animals could end up sick.

Among other problems, they may have allergies, digestive and / or kidney problems, pancreatitis, or obesity . Also, you have to know that the energy they need is obtained from animal fat, not from cereals.

But what happens if one day they eat a little?


No! Not at all. You don’t have to be radical either 🙂. My cat Sasha, for example, enjoys eating cereals with milk (lactose-free, though, for her own good). I don’t give him much, just maybe half a tablespoon, but little else. He also likes to taste the spaghetti with meat, and the Cuban rice.

But beware, the amount of cereals you give him should not exceed 2% of his daily food . It is better to give him only his feed without cereals (Acana, Applaws, Orijen,…), especially if, like Sasha, he is a furry that needs to lose some weight.


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