Diet for obese cats

Feline obesity is a problem that is becoming more and more common . The cat that lives in a house is an animal that can no longer go outside to exercise its paws, and therefore needs its human family to worry about keeping it in shape, something that rarely happens. What we do usually do a lot, and I include myself, is give her the odd snack, which would be for us snacking between meals.

This, if we do it frequently enough, can make our friend very fat. What to do when that happens? What is the best diet for obese cats?

Give him grain-free feed

Although there are light feed, the reality is that many of them are rich in cereals (corn, wheat, oats, rice and the like). This ingredient is not digestible for the cat; and in fact it can cause food allergy or even kidney problems. In addition, due to the lack of animal protein, the feline has to eat more to satisfy itself.

Therefore, one of the things I recommend doing is feeding him a grain-free feed, which has a minimum percentage of 70% meat. Thus, the furry will need a lower dose of food to fill its stomach .

Don’t give him snacks

It’s hard not to, especially when he gives you those little faces that only he can put on. But it is important to control yourself, for your own good. Every time we want to give him a prize, it is always going to be better to give him affection than not a candy or some piece of our food . Thus, little by little we will see that he is losing weight.

Take away the feeder

For him to lose weight, it will be convenient to remove the feeder and give it only when it is time to eat , that is, every 5-6 hours. In this way, we can better control your weight.

Make him exercise

It will be of little use to give it a quality diet and avoid giving it snacks if the cat does not exercise. For this reason, we will have to play a lot with it , for example, with a rope or a ball. But we can also do other things so that it has to move, such as putting the feeder on a table so that it has to jump.


In case of doubt, we have to consult with a veterinarian, since as important as having a healthy weight is to regain it at a healthy rate.



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