Diet for cats with chronic kidney failure

One of the diseases that can most complicate and endanger the lives of our animals, as well as the lives of us human beings if we suffer from it, is chronic kidney failure . In cats, for example, it occurs progressively and kidney functions are gradually lost, the kidneys cannot eliminate toxins correctly, and the urine becomes concentrated in such a way that it ends up affecting the body and therefore the animal health.

If your cat suffers from this type of chronic kidney failure, it is important that you provide it with some special care , especially in terms of food, and that you make sure that its daily diet does not lack any type of nutrients. In the same way, you must also make sure that it does not have an excess of those nutrients that can reduce the activity of the kidney, such as, for example, we must reduce the contributions of proteins, phosphorus and sodium.

It is important that you bear in mind that, as we must reduce the amount of protein that our animal ingests, we must make sure that the proteins we give it are of very good quality, so that problems due to lack of protein do not start, such as a decrease in mass. body, skin problems, coat problems, among others. Remember that although with the reduction of proteins you will not be stopping the disease but you will be avoiding some symptoms associated with it.

As for the reduction of phosphorus in the diet, it will be essential, since this will be gradually stopping the disease, since the inflammation of the kidney is reduced. To reduce phosphorus, you must reduce the proteins associated with it. And finally, do not forget to include fish oil rich in omega 3 in the diet of your sick animal, which will protect the kidney and give more flavor to the food you give your pet.




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