Devon rex Cat Breed

Devon rex Cat Breed

His big ears and curly or wavy hair are his main hallmarks. The Devon rex is a relatively young breed, so there are not many specimens in the world. They are extremely affectionate, sociable kittens and with whom it is very easy and pleasant to live together.

Although their physical similarities with the Cornish rex are evident, the crosses tested with both breeds have shown that they are not related. Their young had smooth hair, which suggests a genetic mutation as the cause of their particular coat. In addition, the Devons are more stylized and their facial features are different from those of the Cornish.

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Characteristics of the Devon rex cat

Its body is long and muscular, with long, thin legs. Their chest is broad and they tend to arch their back. All this contributes to giving these kittens a fragile appearance as a whole. Due to the particular shape of their ears, they are classified as the elves or elves of the feline world. His nose is narrow and short.

Origin Europe (United Kingdom)
Medium size
Weight from 4 to 6 kg males and 3 to 5 kg females
Short, fine, silky and curly hair. All patterns and colors are accepted, although the most common examples are whites, smoky whites, and blacks.
Small, angular and triangular head
Ears very large in proportion to the rest of the body, wide and pointed at the base
Large, oval eyes, well separated and with very luminous tones. They can be blue, green, yellow, hazelnut, copper, gold or orange.
Long thin tail
Estimated longevity of 10 to 15 years
Difficulty taking care of it medium


Character and behavior of the Devon rex cat

Devons are sociable, affectionate, playful and intelligent felines . They share with the canine temperament the dependence on their owner. It will follow you everywhere and will request pampering and play in equal parts . Therefore, they are not cats that do well to spend a lot of time alone and without stimulation. You should set aside time each day to be with him.

They adapt without problems to small houses, but prefer temperate and indoor spaces. Given their taste for play and company, they live happily with children and other animals . They are excellent climbers, which is why cat trees or multi-story gyms are very suitable for their play routines.

Care required by the Devon rex

It deserves your attention that its hair is brittle. Consequently, unlike in other breeds, weekly brushing is contraindicated. It will be enough if you brush it once a month using special gloves, instead of a brush . Recurring baths are recommended because your hair is oily. For them, use a specific shampoo.

Their large ears are prone to earwax. Therefore, in order to prevent the presence of mites or infections, you should clean them, for example, by soaking a sterile gauze in paraffin oil. Do you know that they are very gluttonous cats? For this reason, it is advisable to provide them with a balanced and rationed diet in several doses at the end of the day.

Daily physical activity, stimulating him to play, will be an excellent opportunity for him to exercise and avoid being overweight, as well as for you to spend time together.

Devon rex health

As we say, its appearance is that of a vulnerable and fragile cat. However, their health is strong and with the exception of the predisposition to otitis and being overweight this breed, in general, does not present notable diseases.

History of the breed and fun facts

The Devon rex emerged in the 1960s in the British county of Devon. Hence its name. Beryl Cox was the owner of Kirlee, the curly-haired wild cat that lived near a tin mine and that gave rise to this curious feline breed. Their wavy hair favors less hair loss and, therefore, they are considered hypoallergenic cats .

In 1972 it was recognized as a breed by The International Cat Association (TICA). In 1983 the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) registered it as a breed and in 1998 RassySassoul, a kitten of this breed, won the national prize of the CFA.


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