Devon rex an adorable cat

The Devon rex is a very unique breed of cat . When you see it for the first time, you may immediately think that it is a race created by humans, but the truth is that this beauty is natural.

Currently, it is one of the most beloved furry. Why? For everything that we are going to tell you 🙂.

Origin and history of the Devon rex


Our protagonist was discovered in Buckfastleigh, in Devon (England) in 1960 . It turns out that a litter of precious kittens was born near an abandoned tin mine, and one of them had curly hair as a result of a mutation. And it is that this breed of cat has a recessive gene (mutated from the dominant gene) responsible for smooth hair, so that thanks to nature itself, today we can enjoy the company and purrs of a very unique furry.

Physical characteristics

This cat has a medium-sized body, weighing 2.5 to 4.5 kg, elongated and muscular . The head is small, short, with a wedge-shaped appearance. His eyes are large and wide apart. It is protected by a layer of short, fine and curly hair with waves that can be of any color.

Their life expectancy is 9 to 15 years.


The Devon rex is a very affectionate, sociable and playful animal . You can establish a strong bond with your family, from which you will not want to separate, since you do not like loneliness. Therefore, it may be interesting to bring him a feline companion 😉.

What care do you need?



Their staple food should be meat. Therefore, for its growth and development to be adequate, it is important that it is given a feed that does not have cereals or by-products, or, even better, Yum Diet for cats or Barf (with the advice of a nutritionist veterinarian).

Also, from time to time and always as a reward you can give cat treats.



As the length of its hair is short, and as it is also an animal that is groomed several times, it will be enough to pass a soft bristle brush or a brush glove once a day.

It is not necessary to bathe it. But if he stopped grooming, in addition to taking him to the specialist for examination, you would have to keep him clean with a cloth dampened with warm water. And, hygiene is so important for a cat that when it stops caring for itself, its human family has to worry a lot, because the animal’s own life would be at stake.


The eyes have to remain clean . If you see that they have discharge like legañas, remove them with a clean gauze moistened in an infusion of chamomile, or if you prefer with a little water.


His ears have to be checked once a week or so . In the event that they accumulate a lot of wax, or that they have begun to smell bad, you should clean them with an ear drops that your veterinarian will prescribe.


Although it may seem otherwise, the Devon rex is a strong and healthy cat. The only thing we need to know is that you could have problems related to excess earwax , which can be avoided by cleaning your ears regularly.


To stay in shape, you need to play with it every day, every day. In pet stores we will find a wide variety of toys for cats : balls, rods, stuffed animals … We will only have to buy the ones we like the most, and dedicate several sessions a day of at least 10 minutes of games.



Before buying a Devon Rex cat, you should take some time to think about whether you will be able to take care of it and make sure that it will be happy from minute 1 that it is with you. Also, if you live with more people, you have to ask them if they want a cat, and if they are going to take care of it.

When everything is decided, then you will have to find and contact a kennel of this breed. Once you have found the furry you want, make sure it is at least two months old, since it is not good or advisable to separate the puppy before eight weeks due to its vital need to drink milk from its mother.

Likewise, you have to consult any questions that may arise, including of course the price, which will be around 700 euros . You must be sure and calm with the purchase, because at the end of the day it is you who is going to spend about 15-20 years of life with the furry.

Is it possible to find Devon rex cats for adoption?

It is possible, but unlikely . We are talking about a pure breed, so it is difficult for people to give up puppies. However, it may be easier for you to find Devon rex mixed breed cats.

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