Dandruff in cats: what is it and how to treat it

Dandruff is a problem that affects not only humans, but cats as well. However, it is not the same as the one we may have, so its treatment is different .

Normally, when a person has this discomfort, they usually recommend a shampoo that does not need rinsing, but how to treat dandruff in cats?

If you go to a pet store or veterinary clinic, they will most likely sell you a shampoo. But of course, to be effective you have to bathe the cat and, in addition, do it with some regularity so that results are seen. This in itself can aggravate the situation, since … what do we do if our furry dog ​​really dreads the bathroom? If you are used to it, you are likely to enjoy it, but if not… shampoo is not a solution .

So to treat dandruff in cats, we have to know what it is and what its possible solutions are .

Feline dander

The dander that our cats can have looks practically the same as what we can have; that is, they are small white specks that are found between the fur. It comes out as the cause of a skin problem, which may be dry.

There are three main causes that can cause the cat to have dandruff:

  • Cheyletiella mites: Theyare also known as “walking dandruff.” It is very contagious, so if your cat has suddenly appeared, or if you have more animals that also start to have dandruff, go to the vet as soon as possible. It is not a serious problem, but it can be very annoying for the furry ones.
  • Dry skin:as we said, dry skin can be a cause of dandruff. In this case, we will give you a feed or food rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Another option is to add salmon oil to your diet, rich in fatty acids that take care of the skin.
  • Overweight:A cat that is obese will have trouble cleaning the base of its tail and the lower part of its back. Thus, dandruff can appear in these areas. If your furry is heavier than it should be, start a diet with the advice of your vet.

Dandruff in cats can be a problem for both the animals themselves and their caregivers. But with these tips, I’m sure you can get back to normal soon 🙂.



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