Cooling down your cat during periods of high heat: 8 tips and tricks

Cooling down your cat during periods of high heat: 8 tips and tricks

Cooling down your cat during periods of high heat: 8 tips and tricks

If they are more resistant to strong heat than dogs, cats also suffer from temperature spikes. 8 tips and tricks for refreshing your feline this summer.

1 – Give him fresh water every day

The cat is not a big drinker by nature. Nevertheless, in periods of intense heat, make sure that your animal drinks in regular and sufficient quantities. To do this, leave fresh, clean water at all times available and remember to renew it often because the ambient temperature will eventually cool it down. If possible, use several bowls that you will put in places where the cat is used to going and far from direct sunlight.

2 – Offer a water fountain to your cat

Most cats don’t like standing water and prefer clean, fresh water that’s always moving. This is why an electric fountain is an interesting option to encourage the tomcat to hydrate itself because the operation by continuous jet makes the device more attractive than a traditional bowl. The trade has a large selection of models of different sizes and materials: plastic, stainless steel, ceramic, or PVC. Namely that there are silent fountains for fearful cats.

3 – Provide cool spaces for your cat

The measures you take to protect yourself from the heat are valid for your animal: open the windows early in the morning to ventilate then close the shutters so as not to let in the heat. In order to further lower the temperature of the rooms, use an air conditioner or a fan but do not direct the equipment directly towards the cat’s basket or too close. For extra cooling, you can cover the fan with a damp cloth. On the other hand, bathrooms are usually the coolest places in the house. Give him access so he can lie down on the tiled floor.

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4 – Pass a damp cloth over his body

Your cat is not a big lover of water, but if he is really hot, he may be tempted by a damp cloth. Pass a washcloth or a small towel under water and apply it all over his body: above his head, on his stomach, and insist on the legs. You can also submerge his pads in water because that’s where most of his sweat glands are located. Leave the damp cloth around his neck (he’ll take it off on his own if he can’t stand it anymore). The fogger is also an effective solution: spray the cat everywhere except on the eyes to avoid eye problems. Of course, if your feline is an exception to the rule and tolerates being wet, offer him a cool bath to help him withstand the high heat.

5 – Brush your cat often

Nature being well done, the cat molts according to the seasons. In the fall, it replaces the summer coat with the winter coat, which is denser and more abundant. However, the most important molt takes place in the spring in order to lighten its fleece. Regular brushing of his fur will help remove all the dead hair that keeps him warm. Try to repeat the operation every day to help your feline regulate its temperature and to promote maximum protection during periods of high heat.

6 – Keep it indoors during the hottest hours

In summer, animals tend to be less active than usual. They limit their physical activity to produce as little body heat as possible. If you have an outdoor cat, don’t force it outside. It is even advisable to keep it inside between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun is strongest. Prefer outings at the end of the day and in the evening when it is less hot. If you have an indoor cat, avoid overstressing it with play sessions.

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7 – Refresh your cat’s bed

Pockets of pain relief gel become valuable allies in the fight against the heat. After putting them in the cold, just place them under his bed or in a cloth placed where he likes to rest. The same trick works with a bottle of cold water that you have previously put in the freezer. Wrap it in a towel and place it where your cat usually sleeps to lower its body temperature.

8 – Use cooling mats, coats, and toys

The cooling mat works by simple body contact and can therefore be used both at home and on the go. There is therefore no need to put it in the refrigerator or plug it into an electrical outlet: the cooling effect is activated as soon as the animal lies on it. This method allows him to lie down on a surface between 2 and 3° cooler than the ambient temperature. The Cool Coat for Cats should be soaked in water and wrung out before use. By evaporating, the water rids the feline of its excess body heat, leaving it feeling cool (from 6° to 12° below the outside temperature) for several hours. Good tip: some toys are designed to be filled with water and then placed in the freezer. Your cat can then cool off while having fun!

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