Cooking for your cat: 8 mistakes not to make!

Cooking For Your Cat: 8 Mistakes Not To Make!

Homemade is fashionable, and that’s good for humans, in order to eat less fat, less salt, less sugar and rediscover the pleasure of good meals cooked at home with 100% natural ingredients.

And for our felines, what about? You can of course feed them with the food you have prepared yourself. But beware, the cat does not have the same nutritional needs as us, and its household rations must be adapted to its carnivorous diet.

Here are the 8 mistakes not to make when cooking for your cat, under penalty of deteriorating its state of health when you were looking for the opposite effect.

Mistake #1: Giving Table Scraps

Let’s be clear, our kitties’ stomachs are not made to absorb our leftovers and avoid food waste. Cats do not eat cheese, dairy products, fruits or vegetables in their natural state!

Have you ever tried to give your cat an apple? At best, he will take her for a toy. And you, have you ever tried to eat a live mouse? Disgust guaranteed, isn’t it?

So, we don’t give our cat any leftovers from the table and we don’t let it roam around us at mealtimes. At most, you can give him a small piece of boneless chicken or a small piece of fish, provided you have steamed it without adding salt, sugar, cream, spices, etc.

Mistake #2: do without a veterinary opinion

If cooking for your cat is quite possible and not impossible in itself, it is strongly recommended to be well informed about its nutritional needs. It is therefore your veterinarian who will be your best ally in concocting homemade meals that will satisfy your cat.

Indeed, a diet suitable for domestic cats should consist of:

  • A minimum of 70% animal protein,
  • A maximum of 20% vegetables,
  • Maximum 10% grain.
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In addition, it is necessary to add offal which is a source of taurine, because your feline does not have the capacity to synthesize it.

There is therefore no question of doing without the advice of a veterinarian, especially since some have a nutrition specialization and will really be able to advise you in the interest of your tomcat.

Mistake #3: Taking Internet Recipes For Cash

It’s a fact, there are hundreds and hundreds of articles offering homemade recipes to feed your cat. The problem is that they are not validated by any scientific consensus and everyone therefore goes there from their personal experience.

With luck, you will come across the perfect recipe, but unfortunately this is very rarely the case. There is therefore a good chance that the recipes found here and there will not suit Grisou and cause diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite.

Over time, an unbalanced diet can cause kidney problems, stones, cardiovascular disease, muscle weakness, etc. In short, the deficiencies will appear more or less quickly, but the damage can be considerable.

Mistake #4: Wanting To Vary The Recipes

Unlike humans, cats do not have a very developed sense of taste. This does not mean that he will eat anything unless he is hungry, but rather that he will not suffer from monotonous food.

So, if you have designed a tailor-made recipe for Minou with your veterinarian and it suits him, don’t change it! You will see that with an adapted kitchen, your cat will be in great shape, will have a shiny coat and will breathe the joy of living.

So, no need to change a recipe that works, rejoice in what you do for him. Be sure that the decision made is good for your cat’s health and that he is getting all the nutrients he needs.

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Mistake #5: Wanting To Add Ingredients To Add Flavor

You have made your first recipe, and may be disappointed at first sight with the result. Almost dry chicken, kidneys, 3 green beans and a few grains of rice, really, you don’t mind giving this to your cat, because it looks very bland.

But it is not up to you to judge whether the prepared food is appetizing, because your cat does not have the same tastes as you and will perhaps be enchanted by the bowl that you hand to him.

But above all, do not add milk, salt, sugars, aromatic herbs, butter, etc. Your cat’s 5-star menu, chances are you wouldn’t share it with him, simply because you’re not a cat.

Mistake #6: Believing You’Ll Save Money

Industrial cat food is no longer what it was twenty years ago. Manufacturers have made remarkable progress by taking into account the real needs of our felines and by choosing quality natural ingredients.

Today, it is possible to find premium kibbles without any difficulty at less than 6 euros per kilo, in pet stores, but also on specialized websites or even in supermarkets. And by buying bigger packets, they are even cheaper and retain all their nutritional qualities.

On the other hand, with household rations, you will have to buy a lot of meat and fish. It is increasingly difficult to find beef, chicken or salmon at an affordable price, and at 6 euros per kilo maximum, this is untenable.

You will still save some money if your butcher or fishmonger agrees to set aside pieces of meat or fish for animals, which he will give you or sell to you for a few euros.

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Mistake #7: Thinking You’Ll Save Time

Let’s be honest, preparing food for your cat and providing suitable household rations will take time. You will need to bone the meat, remove the fish bones, cut the vegetables, simmer everything at the right temperature, distribute everything in freezer bags.

In short, this represents a significant amount of time spent in your kitchen. However, nothing is too good for our hairballs. So if you have the time, if you feel like it, if it’s part of your convictions, do it. You will derive great satisfaction from it.

On the other hand, do not put pressure on yourself if you see that you cannot manage it, between the races to adapt, the round trips to the butcher, the cooking time, the freezing time, it is not always obvious. Don’t feel guilty about not cooking for your cat, and choose good quality kibble or pâté instead.

Mistake #8: Expecting Acknowledgment From Your Cat

If you cook for your cat, it is of course to offer him the best and allow him to live as long as possible with iron health. But your companion won’t notice.

He does not see the efforts you make, the time you spend improving your recipes, your progress in the kitchen, etc. What he expects is that you serve him his household ration so that he can be satiated.

Don’t blame him, this behavior is completely normal on his part. He is a bit like a toddler, he meows if he is hungry, and will not stop until he has obtained satisfaction.

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