Consequences of abandonment

Abandoning pets has consequences, and they are usually more than we want. Keep in mind that abandoning your pet is bad, very bad, different things can happen to you that will not let you have it anymore, but leaving them alone on the street is an act that you should not do.

When you leave them they can go through a series of terrible and very cruel things. When we refer to animal abuse, this does not happen only by hitting it or not feeding it, abandonment is one of the most cowardly forms of abuse.

For this reason, it is essential to think well before having a pet , an animal is not a toy, it is a living being that needs care and love. People should not be led by fleeting enthusiasm when it comes to having a partner.

When your cat or dog has become accustomed to feeling protected in your home by being abandoned, they will go through a strong stress caused by being forced to live something completely different from what they were used to.

Surely the first days you will not eat out of desperation or because you do not know where to get food, you will not know how to look for it, in addition external and internal parasites will begin to appear that will make you sick and weak. If you have already abandoned your pet because it is sick, the picture will get worse.

As he has no experience of being on the street, he can be exposed to being run over , if he is lucky enough to stay alive he will surely be badly injured making it impossible to move, eat or take shelter.



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