Complications in the birth of a cat

In general, a pregnant cat who is receiving all the necessary care (not only food and water, but also a lot of love and company) does not have to have difficulties giving birth to her puppies, but unfortunately there is always a risk that not everything goes as expected.

It is for this reason that I am going to tell you what are the possible complications in the birth of a cat so that you can detect the signs that indicate a problem.

Spontaneous abortion

Both during pregnancy and during delivery, there is the possibility that the cat suffers a spontaneous abortion of some or all of the pups. This, in principle, should not worry us, but if the fetus is not expelled it could cause a serious infection .


Dystocia is the difficulty that the young find to cross the birth canal of the mother . It usually occurs when the litter is very large, or when the head of the furry ones is large, such as that of the Persians.


When a body is fighting disease, its body temperature increases . For this reason, we can know, or at least intuit, that the delivery is not going as it should if the cat has a fever, that is, if from the 60th day of pregnancy the temperature is more than 36.5ºC (before and after after delivery will be 38ºC).


If the pregnant cat bleeds, it is usually because a complication has arisen. Therefore, if the blood is very dark and the bleeding continues beyond a few minutes, you probably have a serious problem, such as a ruptured uterus .

Interruption of labor

Normally, the hatchlings come out in a time interval that is usually 20 minutes. If this period lasts four hours or more, then both the cat and the kittens’ lives are in danger .

Dark liquid

When the cat is in the phase of expelling her puppies, if she begins to expel a dark and viscous liquid that gives off a very unpleasant smell, it may be because there is a dead baby in her belly or because she has an infection .





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