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Clothes for cats and dressed up kittens – here’s why

When I saw them for the first time I thought: is it possible that there are also clothes for cats? And what is the use of cat clothing? Don’t they already have the hair that covers them that regulates their temperatures?

The answer is yes, the cat’s fur works as a thermoregulator, keeping our kitty warm in winter, but also cool in summer, as the fur also acts as an insulator towards the outside, keeping the cat’s body temperature at an ideal level. But then why dress a cat?

There can be several reasons why we choose cat clothes, and I have seen some beautiful cat clothes, coats, sweaters, DIY cat clothes and cat onesie which I will now explain to you what they can be used for.

We have also explored the world of cat clothes in this article, in the company of Dudo Veste Nudo, who handcrafts overalls and dresses especially for Sphynx, i.e. naked cats.
The naked cat does not necessarily have to be dressed, however it is very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and draughts, so there are those who prefer to dress it in coats and overalls, which are very pretty.

Cat clothes on Amazon

So if your cat is a Sphynx you may feel the need to dress it to protect it from the cold, but even if you have a hairy cat there are occasions where a cat onesie can be very useful, for example for protect the hair from dirt and from the wet in case you carry your cat around on a leash and want to avoid washing it every time it gets dirty.

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So here is a selection of cat clothes which I found on Amazon suitable for protecting both a naked cat and a cat with normal hair.

As you noticed, I also suggested some clothes for dogs, which are generally fine for cats too, just find the right size. dog clothes are much more widespread and therefore in this case we can find much more choice.

Overalls for cats useful for his health

A very useful time to use a cat onesie is in case your cat has suffered interventions or operations and you can’t stand the Elizabethan collar. For example, if you have neutered a female cat and you don’t want her to tear her stitches out. Or one cat onesie it is very useful in case you want to prevent the cat from licking its body, perhaps in case of dermatitis, scabs, wounds that cause itchiness and you want to prevent it from hurting itself.

In this case, the choice of cat clothing is really useful, and on the market you can find cat overalls that are perfectly suited to the purpose. Here are some examples:

This type of medical overalls for cats are often equipped with laces or straps that are very easy to open and close to dress the cat in a fast and comfortable. They are often made of elasticated material to give the cat as little discomfort as possible and protect his wounds without causing him more discomfort or the need to lick himself.

The chicest cat clothes

But let me unleash the imagination for a moment, even if I personally would never dress my cats, but there are some on Amazon too cute clothes! In the end, cats are like our children, and sometimes we give in to the temptation to buy them cute little things as if we were buying them for a child, even if it is absolutely not a good thing to humanize your cat.

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But let me feast my eyes on some little dresses I saw on Amazon, for example coats for cats or cat sweaters that are really cute! In this case, I can imagine how dog owners feel who dress their four legs in clothes that I might be ashamed of, but they are too cute and can’t resist the temptation!

Carnival clothes for cats

We close the article with some clothes that my cats would never forgive me for having made them wear: i carnival costumes for catsor i Christmas clothes for cats that I see in many funny videos, which, I admit, make me laugh too!

I leave aside for a moment my seriousness as a cat lady, who does not like to ridicule any animal in the world, and I allow myself a minute of lightnessshowing you funny cat clothes, which maybe, exceptionally, you can use for a couple of photos and videos, and then immediately take off, otherwise I think your cat could move house due to humiliation!

If we are close to Christmas, let’s say that I could give you a Christmas dress for cats to take some photos, or at most a Santa Claus cap on your kitty, to take some themed photos!

And here it is an example of a video with a cat dressed as Captain Hook… apparently, from the expression, the cat seems even pleased!


And finally, here are some clothing accessories for cats that cannot be defined as a real complete outfit, but you can apply to your cat, always for short moments, to have some fun 😛

Now let’s end this somewhat humiliating parenthesis for a cat…forgive me, and let’s go back to the real usefulness of a cat dress, namely provide him with protection whether it’s from the cold, the weather, or to protect wounds or scars that we don’t want to make themselves worse by licking themselves.

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And have you ever dressed your cat? For what reasons? Have you ever used cat overalls after surgery? How did you find yourself? Write us your experience in the comments!

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