Characteristics of the Bombay cat

Although its name makes us immediately think of India, the truth is that this breed of cat was intentionally created in the United States by the breeder Nikki Horner. The aim was to obtain a completely black breed with soft fur, for which a sable Burmese and a black American cat were crossed. The result was the beautiful Bombay cat , which was immediately named after its great resemblance to a Bombay black panther .

This breed has a medium size , with strong and compact muscles. Males tend to be slightly larger than females. It has short legs and a thick, straight tail, medium long. Its thick coat is entirely shiny black, very soft, short and without curls.

While the Bombay cat’s head has a rather rounded appearance but without having sharp angles. It has nice ears, slightly inclined and rounded at the tips, which together with the eyes, large and copper or gold in color, give a very expressive character to the face of this breed.

Regarding behavior , the Bombay cat breed is characterized by being little vocal, but very affectionate, and although they are not very prone to physical activity, becoming completely lazy, these cats will not hesitate to show affection for their family , especially at the time of the game, because they are very given to this activity.

And another issue that you should control is their appetite , because these cats are known to be a breed of greedy that will devour everything they can, and if you add their little taste for exercise, it may turn out that your cat suffers from obesity or some disorder nutritional . By giving it a balanced diet and monitoring it you will often have a happy Bombay cat.


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