Character of black cats, everything you need to know

Felines are a continuous discovery, even for those who think they know them perfectly and have been surrounded by them for a lifetime. Perhaps not everyone knows that some studies show a correlation between color and personality. The character of black cats, contrary to what years of popular beliefs have led to think, is inclined to loyalty and fidelity. These specimens are truly valuable to anyone with the foresight to choose them as life companions.

This type of four-legged friend is the protagonist of one of the most famous songs of the Zecchino d’Oro, but there are still those who change direction if they see him crossing, or worry about any stairs nearby. Let’s not make the same mistake: like Fido, our beloved Miao can also be man’s best friend.

Before proceeding with the adoption, however, it is important to know the trend of the character of a particular pet. It’s not an exact science, and there are exceptions that prove the rule, but coat color has been found to affect certain aptitudes. Let’s discover them together!

Black Cats, Beautiful And Very Intelligent

With the due exceptions – we have already mentioned it – the character of black cats is usually a lot prone to living at home even in the presence of children of all ages. In fact, she generally has a reserved temperament, but is sensitive and intelligent.

Our plush-stepping friend demonstrates loyalty and trust, reversing all beliefs about felines. Definitely more independent than the dog, the cat still manages to demonstrate attachment and affection towards the human being. It is not at all true, therefore, that Micio is unable to show love and gratitude. He has another way of doing it, but he’s still very good at loving and being pampered. Seeing is believing.

Male Black Cat Character

cat on the back of the sofa

This four-legged friend is perfect for living with humans. He is also found among the most suitable feline breeds for children. His personality however – compared to similar ones with a coat of another color – it demonstrates a greater propensity for wandering: it has a strong wild component.

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Meow, in this case, it is driven to explore: when it ends with the domestic environment, it moves towards the neighboring ones. If we have a terrace, then pay attention to the roofs and accesses to the neighbors’ houses. Our beloved feline will want to find out what’s out of his comfort zone. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean he loves us any less, quite the contrary.

According to some studies there is one gender character difference: the boy would be more calm and sly, unlike the more irascible female and tending to play with his nails on all types of fabric. Don’t generalize too much though, don’t forget: every feline has its own character and it’s wonderful to discover it little by little, establishing a deep, lasting and loyal relationship.

Female Black Cat

cat in hand

Once you know what is beyond the wall, the black cats temper makes you come home and search more than ever the vicinity with those he considers his dad and/or mom. Miao will always seek physical contact and the warmth of caresses. And this regardless of the alleged sex differences.

Any pillow, blanket or bed will not be never more comfortable than the legs of the human friend sitting on the sofa watching television; or the belly (with more or less sculpted abs) of the mother lying in bed for an afternoon nap.

Iron Health

In addition to the character of black cats, particularly similar to the presence of human beings and other animals in their habitat, it is imperative to point out another characteristic in their favor: they have a very strong immune system. It being understood that they need to be looked after and cared for like everyone else, conditions being equal and ailments being equal, these are more likely to resist.

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It’s just about a predisposition: our four-legged friend still needs regular visits to the vet, to have the vaccine booklet always in order, care and attention from us. And not just because he loves human warmth and appreciates displays of affection.

According to research conducted at the National Cancer Institute of the United States, has a lower propensity to contract certain diseases. This theory is proved by the fact that, together with the white one, the black cat is among the most common. It is therefore among the strongest of the feline species.

Character Of Black Cats, Appearance And Size

crouched black cat

The stature and physical conformation also affect the personality of these extraordinary four-legged friends in some way. The color and the body make it an animal easy to camouflage. The highly developed vision, especially at dawn and dusk, has meant that it has become an exceptional predator. Speaking of which, do you know why cats’ eyes glow in the dark?

Here then is the desire to outings and exploration has reasons related to physical conformation and resistance. Among the most sought-after breeds of this color are the Persian and British cats.

Many People Have Also Asked Us

black cat walking

Surely among the most elegant specimens, this four-legged friend is peaceful and docile. Yet this breed is often at the center of legends and superstitions that tend to make it appear very different from what it is, without a valid reason. From this arise some curious questions.

Do Black Cats Really Bring Bad Luck?

These beliefs originate in Middle Ages. The dimly lit streets camouflaged the dark coat, and the horses that pulled the carriages were frightened as he passed. Hence the superstition that this feline in particular was possessed by the devil.

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However, there are also positive legends: in ancient Rome, cats were considered gods lucky charm; which is why, after their death, they were cremated and then spread their ashes in the hope of obtaining a good harvest. In this regard, it may be useful to know the false myths about cats: which should be debunked once and for all.

What is the correlation between the black cat and Halloween?

In reality none, they are always legends not to be taken seriously. In this case, Halloween is a celebration of American origins but now celebrated all over the world (especially in Western countries) which falls on the night between October 31st and November 1st.

For black-coated felines, Halloween is one source of great danger. In fact, they are often captured by satanic sects to carry out animal sacrifices during black masses. In Italy, the regions most involved are:

  • Veneto;
  • Lazio;
  • Emilia Romagna;
  • Liguria;
  • Piedmont;
  • Lombardy.

Also in this case, the origins are to be found in the Middle Ages. Also the vernal equinox it’s a day of the year that poses a risk to our unsuspecting four-legged friends, due to silly and unfounded superstitions. The advice, in these periods of the year, is not to let them go out even in the garden and not to endorse any hypothetical adoption: it could be a trap.

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