Changes in the behavior of a spayed cat

There are many myths around feline neutering and spaying, and one of them is that after the intervention the females become much less active and begin to gain weight. But is that true? And if it is, can it be avoided in any way?

In this special we are going to know whether or not there are changes in the sterilized cat, and what we can do so that from now on she can lead a quiet life , without frights.

What is castration? And sterilization?

Before we get into the subject, let’s know what neutering and spaying first consists of. In this way, we will be able to understand much better the changes that will occur in our cat.


Castration is a surgical intervention in which the sexual organs are removed , which in the case of females can be only the ovaries (oophorectomy), or also the useful one (ovariohysterectomy). When these organs disappear, the hormonal processes disappear and the character of the animal can suffer alterations that, far from harming it, can help it lead a better life.


In this operation , the sexual organs are left intact , but reproduction is prevented. In females the fallopian tubes are ligated. They may not have offspring, but they will continue to have zeal.

If, in addition to wanting to avoid unwanted litters, it is intended that the cat lead a somewhat calmer life, it is highly recommended to castrate her. However, if you do not want to harm the sexuality of the animal, then you will opt for sterilization. As you can see, choosing one or the other is a very personal decision, what I would like to tell you is that we do not have to humanize cats , I mean: a sterilized cat will not miss heat, but will simply continue with her routine as soon as you recover from the operation.

Changes in behavior


Now, let’s know whether or not there are changes in their behavior. If we sterilize our cat, how the hormonal processes will continue will not change anything; Now, if we castrate it, then we will notice a series of changes , especially during the first weeks.

Each cat is a world, unique and unrepeatable, and cannot be generalized. But when you have cared for a cat for many years, and today you continue to share your life with these incredible animals, over time you do notice certain changes in their character. The ones I have seen so far are:

  • They become more homely:all the cats that I have always had we have given permission to go outside, and those that we have now can also do it. I had my cats castrated when they were six months old (except Keisha, who was very precocious and I took her at 5 months, now 5 years ago). From 2 months to 6 they were tremendous puppies, very, very rambunctious and mischievous. From the age of 6, they began to spend much more time at home.
  • They calm down:it is not something that happens suddenly, but little by little you notice that they are calmer, more sedentary. Of course, this change may not last forever and that as soon as you expect it, the kitten inside will come out again.
    In addition, by not having the heat you will not have to worry about desperate night meows calling a cat, because your furry will have no need to attract the attention of anyone, except its human to give it a caress or its favorite food.
  • Theydo not get fat: how many times have we heard that a sterilized cat has a tendency to gain weight? Many, right? Well, that’s a half true. In fact, they will only get fat if you do not play with them, with which we will get them to spend many hours sleeping, bored. But if you spend time every day having a good time, it won’t even be necessary to give her a light feed or a special one for castrated cats, believe me 😉.
  • They live longer:castration prevents several serious diseases, such as breast or ovarian cancer, which can be fatal in up to 90% of cases. An effective way to avoid them (not completely, but drastically reducing the chances of contracting it) is by operating on them, removing their sexual organs.

How to help my neutered cat?


If it is the first time that we live with a cat and we take her to be castrated, it is very normal that we wonder if she will need help for her new life, or if the intervention is going to harm her. Well, stop worrying because these animals recover quickly from the operation (normally, after 7 days), and then you just have to continue caring for them as has been done to date , perhaps giving more importance to the play sessions to prevent you from gaining extra pounds.

Of course, it is important that we do not give him more than his food , since then he would get quite fat, especially if he leads a very sedentary life.

As we have seen, feline spaying or neutering are very different surgical operations. Decide together with your vet which is the best for your friend, and then you just have to continue enjoying her company .

Price of sterilizing cat

Although it is not a very important expense, it is true that it is necessary to keep making money boxes for a few months so that the family economy is not affected. Even so, it will depend above all on the vet and the type of operation, but more or less I can tell you that the cost is as follows :

Sterilization :

  • Cat: 50-100 euros.
  • Cat: 40-70 euros.

Castration :

  • Cat: 150-300 euros.
  • Cat: 100-200 euros.

Postoperative of a sterilized cat


How to take care of our hairy after surgery? With great care 🙂. We have to leave her in a quiet room, with her bed on the floor so she doesn’t have to jump. Likewise, it is highly recommended to put his litter tray close to but as far away as possible from his feeder, since a few hours after waking up he will urinate the anesthesia. An alternative to putting your litter box in the room is to place protective bedding diapers on the floor, which are used to cover beds where people who cannot move must stay.

It is very necessary that we administer the medications that the veterinarian has given us to prevent our cat from feeling pain or discomfort. In addition, we do not have to leave her alone at any time , as she could hurt herself.

If we have more cats we have to keep them away from the cat . Why? Very simple: the recently operated cat smells like a vet but also stress. Cats are very guided by smell, so much so that if they perceive a different smell they will see it as an enemy. To avoid this, the cat must be left to recover in a room before reuniting her with the rest of the cats.

Can a cat be spayed without surgery? With pills?


Yes of course. There are birth control pills for cats that are administered orally. They must be prescribed by a veterinarian, who will tell us how many we have to give and on what days, otherwise they will not be as effective as they should be.

In addition, there are contraceptive injections , which are given by the professional. The advantage is that we will not have to remember when to give him the pill as it will not be necessary to give it to him, and that is not to mention that we will not have to not force him to go through a bad time (cats, in general, hate pills).

But still, you have to take into account that there may be side effects , such as these:

  • Increased risk of breast cancer
  • Increased risk of uterine cancer
  • Increased likelihood of uterine infections
  • Diabetes
  • Increased appetite
  • Loss of hair
  • Behavior changes
  • Irregular jealousy

For this reason, they can never be used as a long-term treatment .




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