6 photos of cats who can’t help but take selfies

Taking selfies has become an ordinary thing for us now. Apparently, however, the same thing is also true for some felines

These days, by now, we literally have the technology in hands. One of the most widespread practices that we have all done at least once is taking selfies. Do only humans do it? We’d say no, since some too four-legged friends they learned.

Obviously, these are the feline protagonists of the following and unmissable gallery of photos which we absolutely can’t wait to show you.

So, without wasting any more precious time, let’s get the show started right away, wishing you one as always good vision!

“I Still Have To Learn How To Use It Well”

Let’s start with a feline that is still in its infancy. We are sure, however, that he just needs to do a little more practice!

Come Here Man!

feline with dog

Did you believe that dogs and cats were enemies for the skin, as the various false myths in circulation want to believe? Here’s proof of the opposite, as well as a beautiful selfie!

Didn’T You Trust?

kitty photo shoot

Seeing the two previous photos, it’s easy to think that the selfie effect is just a visual effect. This “shot in the shot”, however, leaves no doubt.

Selfie Before Nap

sleepy kitty

Or did he take it as soon as he woke up? Because that sounds like a sleepy lot to us!

A Photo That Went Viral

kitty paws

Yes, this shot has gone viral on the net conquering the hearts of the whole web.

The Perfect Photograph

cute cat

All the shots we’ve seen so far have literally left us speechless. However, this seems to us to be the best one by far. The reason? Look carefully the pose assumed by the cat, in particular that of the paw on its left.

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Here we come to the conclusion. We are very curious to find out which of these expert selfie-taking felines won you over the most. In our opinion, however, your answer will be: “everyone!”.

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