Cats sweat You know how they do it?

Did you know that the domestic cat is descended from the wild desert cat species in Africa and Arabia? That’s right, the ancestors of our cats come from really hot places!

Even on  the  hottest days of summer, you probably won’t see your cat’s sweat. So do cats sweat? Do you know how they do it?

Here I offer you some interesting facts about cat sweat that you should know to take better care of it.

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Do cats sweat?

Unlike us humans, who have sweat glands throughout our bodies, those of a cat are found in areas of their body that do not have hair: the lips, the chin and the skin that surrounds the  anus, but they are  the legs of cats contain their vital sweat glands.

When the cat’s body temperature has risen too high, the brain sends signals to these glands to start sweating. When sweat evaporates, it creates a cooling effect on the skin.

During the very weather, you may see your cat leaving a small trail of wet footprints as he leisurely walks around.

You can also sweat as a bodily reaction to times of high anxiety or stress . For example, a scared cat at the vet will sweat through its paws, leaving wet footprints on the exam table.

What do cats do to cool off?

Cats have a limited number of sweat glands and sweat mainly through their paws, and since these are not enough in case of overheating of their body, they need to use other tactics to combat the heat.

This is the reason why cats often look for shady corners and spots during hot days , an instinct that allows them to fight the heat in the best possible way. Staying still in a shady place or on a cold tile floor allows them not to expend energy, which will help keep their overall body temperature from rising. Smart tactic.

When it’s really hot, if you see your cat licking its fur constantly, know that it has another purpose besides keeping clean. As the cat’s saliva evaporates from its fur, it carries away some of the animal’s body heat. This works in the same way that our sweat helps cool our skin through evaporation.



What should you do if your cat is panting?

Panting is not normal in cats . While cats can use panting to calm down, panting is often a worrying sign that a cat is too hot, overly stressed, or has an underlying heart or lung disorder that needs to be seen by the vet.

If you notice that your cat is panting during the heat, it may be that he is overheating. In that case, it is advisable to move it to a shady place, and make sure it drinks water. If the panting continues, you may need to take your cat to a vet for a proper checkup, including checking to see if the panting is related to fear, anxiety, pain, or a metabolic problem.


Measures to take in the event of a heat stroke

A  heat stroke  the cats can suffer and can be lethal. Organ failure, brain swelling, blood clotting disorders, or death can occur with heat stroke.

When the cat is too hot, applying cold water to the groin, armpits, and front of the neck will cool it down. Provide drinking water and contact the vet. This can administer fluids intravenously and hospitalize your cat for additional treatment and monitoring.

Remember, cats are not people, they have their own unique ways of keeping cool.

Protect your cat from heat stroke with the following measures :

  • Have fresh water available at all times.
  • Keep your cat indoors.
  • If you let your cat out, put it in the shade.
  • Never leave a cat inside a car.
  • Go to the vet if you see your cat sick or strange.


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