Cats make our lives better: 5 irrefutable proofs

Cats Make Our Lives Better: 5 Irrefutable Proofs

Everyone who owns a pet knows that they make us happy. This observation is true for the dog, which is often called man’s best friend, as it is for the cat. The feline is even almost unanimous because among people who own a cat, 90% think that the animal makes them happier. But is it true? The answer is yes. Studies prove it! Here are 5 irrefutable proofs that cats make our lives better.

The Cat, A Beloved Pet Of The French

The cat is very present in French homes, it is even more present. In 2000, France had 9.76 million cats and 9.04 million dogs. In 2018, the trend is very different since France has 14.19 million cats for 7.63 million dogs.

Here is a table that provides information on the share of households with at least one cat depending on the region.

Region Share homes with a cat
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 34%
Burgundy-Franche-Comte 43%
Brittany 38%
Centre-Loire Valley 36%
Great East 37%
Hauts-de-France 30%
Ile-de-France 25%
Normandy 33%
New Aquitaine 39%
Occitania 35%
Pays de la Loire 37%
Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. 28%

It should be noted that the French love all cats, whether pedigree or not. To adopt, they appeal to word of mouth, they go to associations and they frequent cat bars which are more and more numerous on the territory.

The favorite cats of the French are the following:

    • Main Coon,
    • the Sacred of Burma,
    • bengal,
    • the Ragdoll,
    • the British Shorthair,
    • the Persian,
    • the Siberian,
    • Chartreux,
    • Norwegian,
    • the Sphynx.

The cat is also and above all a marvelous ball of fur that cuddles and purrs. Having a cat at home makes for a better life. Here are some proofs.

5 Irrefutable Proofs That Cats Make Us Happy

1. The cat positively impacts our happiness

Being in contact with an animal is always beneficial. Whether you spend time with a dog, faithful companion and best friend of man, a horse or a guinea pig or a dwarf rabbit, your well-being increases. This is the principle of Zootherapy.

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The cat is no exception to the trend. Thanks to him, we feel better. But he has a little asset: his purrs. These emit sound waves that allow our body to release 4 hormones:

    • serotonin which improves communication between neurons,
    • the endorphin which makes it possible to fight effectively against stress,
    • dopamine which boosts motivation, productivity and concentration,
    • oxytocin which is the hormone of love and happiness.

2. The cat reduces our stress

The cat has the ability to reduce our stress level. This is what purring therapy exists for. It consists of taking advantage of the purring of cats. The latter are low frequency sound waves that have a beneficial effect on humans. Some studies indicate that people who own a cat go to the doctor up to five times less than those who do not. Purrs are the secret of this well-being. They cause our brain to release endorphins. At the same time, purrs lead to a drop in cortisol and adrenaline, which is none other than the stress hormone. Having a cat and cuddling it reduces stress and anxiety, helps lower blood pressure, improves breathing and slows heart rate.

3. The Cat Guarantees Our Well-Being

Cats are naturally calm and it’s contagious! Moreover, a child is always calmer when he is in contact with a cat than with a dog. But why does the cat participate in our well-being? Once again, the purrs are responsible. But that’s not all. The cat has a silky and very soft coat. In contact with our skin, the cat’s coat has anxiolytic effects. Cuddling a purring dog is like doing a relaxation session.

4. The cat is good for our health

Because it reduces our stress, the cat protects us from many diseases and especially cardiovascular diseases. It has been proven that cat owners are less likely to have a stroke. In addition, cats, like all pets, improve our immune system. Thus, we are less sick.

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Of course, cats do not protect against all diseases. But when we are recovering, they help us heal faster. The purrs allow our organism to release the good hormones and to be relaxed.

5. The cat heals our fractures

Did you know that cats can heal broken bones? Not only can they heal their own, but they can also heal ours. The sound waves of the purrs are close to the frequencies used by physiotherapists to accelerate healing.

Adopting a cat: the beginning of a new life

Because the cat improves our lives, you want to adopt one. How to proceed ? To find the ideal companion, you can:

    • ask around if kittens are available,
    • go to the spa or to an association,
    • call on a breeder if you want a purebred cat,
    • find a cat bar.

Before the arrival of your feline, you will have to prepare your interior. Make sure you have several bowls for water, kibble and mash. You should provide a resting area with a cushion or basket. Of course, you can create several if you have space at home. Finally, provide a litter box for your cat to do its business and some toys to occupy it.

Can’t adopt a cat? Rest assured, as we have stated several times, today there are cat bars. These establishments allow their customers to have a drink and eat in the midst of felines. They exist throughout France, in Paris and in the provinces.

8 good reasons to adopt a cat

Are you still hesitating to adopt a cat? Frankly, we don’t understand why. Having a cat is good for health, well-being and morale. In addition, the feline has many advantages of size. Here are 10 good reasons to adopt a cat.

    • The cat is silent. Unlike the dog, he does not bark. Of course, he can meow to communicate but the volume is very different.
    • The cat is playful. If you take the time to stimulate it, you will find that the cat is a great playmate.
    • The cat is graceful. He has the elegance of a feline. Some breeds are real stuffed animals, others look like wild animals.
    • The cat is cuddly. On the other hand, do not force him to cuddle. It is he who decides if he gives affection.
    • The cat is calm. Also, if you aspire to a serene daily life, it is perfect! If you have children, the cat will calm them down.
    • The cat is clean. He relieves himself in his litter box and grooms himself every day. Even if it leaves a few hairs in your home, maintenance is limited.
    • The cat is independent. You can leave it during the day or for a weekend.
    • The cat has a life expectancy of about fifteen years. It’s up to you to enjoy them!
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To take full advantage of your cat, have it monitored by a veterinarian. Make sure he is identified, sterilized and up to date with his vaccines. Every quarter, remember to deworm them and apply a pest control.

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