Cats Health Gourmet a new and interesting brand of cat food

Choosing a brand of feed to feed your cat is not always an easy task. There are many brands, and all of them promise you the same thing: that it is a complete food for the feline, when sometimes the reality … is not like that. Therefore, it is very important to look at the packaging, and bet only on those brands that, such as Cats Health Gourmet , make their products with natural ingredients.

But what is this from Cats Health Gourmet ? What are the characteristics of your cat food? It’s really interesting? Well, I have had the opportunity to give it to my friends to try, so below I will tell you what my impression has been and the experience of my furry ones.

What is Cats Health Gourmet?

It is a brand of feed for dogs and cats made by the company Nutrición y Formación Canina SL (NFNATCANE) , which is located in Palencia (Spain). This company has two ranges of food for animals, one that is called Health, which is feed for dogs of different flavors and sizes (for puppies, for large breeds, salmon, digestive, hypoallergenic, etc.), and the Gourmet , in which we find feed made with premium or super premium ingredients. The latter is where the feed for our cat friends is classified.

What are their characteristics?



Let’s start with the external appearance, which is the first thing that catches your attention, especially if you have seen dozens of brands of feed. Why? Well, because they don’t get complicated. Unlike most, it only has a large label on one side that shows the brand, its benefits, a detailed list of ingredients and the price (15.5 euros for a 3kg bag).


One thing that you might like a lot is its closure system, which is ideal so that the aroma of the food is not lost. In my case I am not going to use it, since I have a specific container for feed that I fill with the food of the furry ones, but without a doubt it is something to emphasize since it will be very good for cats, as they usually prefer feed that is somewhat aromatic.



Cats are carnivores, and therefore there is no point in giving them cereals, nor by-products . It is true that rice is the least bad cereal (most digestive), but even so it is not advisable to give it since it can cause food allergies. In this I think we do not find any , something that is undoubtedly a great point in favor.

But it does have a minimum of 42% hydrolyzed meat (that is, it has been decomposed into very small parts, thereby reducing the risk of an allergic reaction to the animal to a minimum) beef, duck, turkey and chicken, and it is also made with salmon and trout.

Of course, it also contains substances that will make the coat shiny and good health, such as brewer’s yeast , the omega 3 oil itself from salmon, pre and probiotics or the much-needed taurine without which even the eyes, neither the heart nor the reproductive system of cats would work as they should.

Croquette color and size


If you have ever given feed, for example from the supermarket, to one of your cats, you will surely find it curious that the Cats Health Gourmet croquettes are only one color: brown. This is so because no artificial colors have been used.

When it comes to size, I do find it to be a big thing for kittens, but not for adults . They are about half a centimeter wide, and they are thin (maybe 0.2cm thick). They are good chews for them ellos.

It is advisable? The experience of my cats


Without being I any experience in feline nutritionist, and after having given different brands to my felines, without a doubt yes , I recommend Cats Health Gourmet. One of the “challenges” that companies that make cat feed with natural ingredients must take on is to include the ingredients in the right measure so that, one, they are highly palatable, and two, so that they feel good. And finding it is not always easy.

I myself can tell you that I have offered feed with very good ingredients to mine and they have not wanted it. But that is not the reaction they have had with Cats Health Gourmet, which has surprised me because they are very foodies.

Do cats like it? Let’s talk about its palatability and digestibility

Cats are like children: if they don’t like something, they don’t eat it or they do it reluctantly 😉. In the image above you can see Bicho eating it with desire. Besides, it is very important that food does not cause them any problems. One of my cats, Keisha (the gray cat that is seen in the image above) had allergy problems a long time ago and because of this it cannot be given according to what, and this I think suits her , and the other two too. But not only that, but apparently they like it a lot because when they finish they always lick each other.

Another detail that I have noticed is that the stools are somewhat smaller, and somewhat less odorous. So I confirm that they say that it has a high digestibility . You can check this yourself: if you give them, for example, ten grams of feed and their stools weigh more or less that amount, are rather soft and with a very intense and unpleasant smell, you can be sure that their body has practically not used it. none of that food, but if they are less weighty, relatively hard (or at least firm), a dark brown almost black color and do not smell too unpleasant, the feed you have given will be good.

So, if you are looking for a feed as natural as possible to give to your four-legged friend, this brand should be on your list of possible options.



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