Cats fighting over territory, what to do to avoid the worst

Meetings don’t always go as planned. However, cats that fight over territory can get hurt and you need to know what to do. Let’s find out together

THE cats fighting over territory, most of the time they live on the street. But it can also happen to those who are lucky enough to have a roof over their heads.

There may be many underlying reasons, but it is nonetheless a widespread dynamic. If you don’t want to miss any moment of divergence and be sure you can intervene, we install a video camera to connect directly to your smartphone.

The quarrel is part of everyday feline communication, but there are limits that should not be crossed if we do not want their safety to be endangered.

Cats Fighting

Cats fighting over territory are protagonists of an unequivocal comparison, direct and frank. To fully understand what drives them to act this way, and not continue with the insane anthropomorphizations and possible assumptions, it is better to learn to interpret body language.

Although years and years in close contact with man have contributed to an evolution that has reduced an inevitable communication gap between two such different species, there are still some aspects that we cannot fully understand.

The reasons can be many and all different from each other, they can involve both sexes: both girls and boys. This is a typical fight in nature. But let’s focus on all the possible causes, or at least the most frequent ones.

Cats Fighting Over Territory, Meanings

domestic cats arguing

The main causes that drive our four-legged friends towards each otherthose that start the clash, are often linked to a question of territoriality.

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The possession of prey (or food, if you are not a stray), your favorite games, everyday accessories cause not insignificant differences. In this regard, here’s how to deal with the possessive aggression of the cat.

Even the introduction of a new entry in the house it can be a reason for a dispute. Let’s not forget that our little ball of fur is extremely habit-loving. Any change is a cause of stress and anxiety. In this regard, to manage anxiety in the cat it could be useful to know how to introduce a kitten into a house where an adult cat lives.

Cats Fighting Over Territory, Instinct

Cats who fight over territory do so out of pure fighting instincts. It is part of Feline DNA, which never shy away from comparison (even and above all if it is ‘particularly animated’). It is nothing more than a dialogue, probably a little impetuous, which has the aim of establishing a hierarchy. Yes, because there are roles within the home as well. These are existential priorities, something that – the adjective says – cannot be left there in a corner: their lives depend on it.

Not all confrontations are bad, but that is often the case with step in to avoid the worst. Obviously it must be an intervention done with a certain ratio, if we don’t want to make the situation worse. It is a natural, instinctive behavior; but it can have unfortunate consequences, and we must be ready to proceed if necessary.

Cats Arguing, Sound

cats smelling each other

It is very important to understand the language of cats, we have already said this. We need to know when he’s quiet, sad, thoughtful, aggressive. And also understand why he is experiencing a certain state of mind.
It may be a matter of territorial borders complete with ambushes, jumps, tip-offs, ambushes, paws and physical threats of every order and degree.

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The more grumpy subject could condition access to certain areas of the house to his quadrupedal roommate. Serious is if they become off limits the litter box and bowls with water and food. If the males face each other for simple competition and on the wave of hormonal upheavals, the females appear more determined and incisive because they are looking for domestic and therefore territorial dominance. Here’s what to know about cat vocal language.

Cats fighting to ‘death’

The scene is always the same: one of the two specimens arises in defiant position staring the enemy in the eye, arching his back with a lot of hair on end: he’s ready to attack. He may also display an aggressive yet submissive stance, with tail between legs, ears tucked back, paws under body, and side-defense pose. It is advisable not to provoke it by approaching the hand or the body (we may have to pay the consequences).

Most of the time, cats fight with each other for mating and to conquer the possible mate, anticipating the physical confrontation with meows, cries, often ferocious screams and violent movements put in place with the tail. Here then we can prevent and avoid a possible clash of a certain level.

Many People Have Also Asked Us

cats in the countryside

Seeing two cats fighting over territory can worry, which is why it is important to know what to know about the cat’s territory. From fear and the inability to manage, the most frequently asked questions arise.

What Can I Do If I See Two Cats Fighting Over Territory?

Intruding personally, as we have just said, is not among the safest strategies. The kind of approach we can implement is one of distraction. We introduce an element that does it forget the reason for the quarrel.
Clapping or yelling can also be effective, but there are different schools of thought on the matter. Some believe that being nervous only fuels a similar mood.

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If the outcome is positive, it is better to relate to each of the players individually. We try to give them security and peace of mind. Let’s wait a few minutes before feeding them, otherwise they could make harmful associations from a socialization point of view. Instead, let’s reward them when they behave well, in this way we will encourage cordial attitudes.

Does Scolding Cats Work?

We bipedal adventure companions have the task of intermediaries, of peacemakers. We will also have to be able to stem any future clashes. In this case, following a long period of anxieties and tensions. Better not scold, punishing the cat is never the solution: rather we create a neutral and shareable space. With games and relaxing elements. Once calm has been restored, let’s not forget the importance of pampering and attention that only we can give. Love is the best approach.

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