Cataracts in cats: causes, symptoms and treatment

Cats, unfortunately, can also get cataracts . This is a problem that consists of an alteration and a loss of transparency of the lens, which prevents you from seeing well. It is very common, especially in older felines, but it is not always detected at an early stage.

Cataracts in cats should be examined by a veterinarian so that they can be treated appropriately as appropriate. But let’s see what the symptoms are and what is that treatment that we could give our friend.

How to know if my cat has cataracts?

We will know if it has cataracts when we see a blue-gray opaque spot in one or both eyes of the animal . This is one of the signs that will indicate that the cat is having serious problems seeing well, but also, we will notice changes in its behavior to the point that it may not recognize us, trip over objects, be insecure when walking, and miscalculate the distances.

Thus, we will see him walking in a very insecure way, taking very high steps to try to touch anything in front of him with his foot. But there will also be changes in your eyes, such as:

  • Very wet, very bright eyes
  • Your pupil changes in size and / or shape
  • His eyes change color

Treatment of cataracts in cats

It will depend on each case, but of course, an early diagnosis is essential so that the furry can return to a normal life as soon as possible. In these cases, most of the time it will be enough to put drops of an anti-inflammatory eye drops, or change the diet if the veterinarian tells us that they have appeared due to nutritional deficiencies.

However, if the cat’s vision has deteriorated, the professional will choose to replace the affected lens with an artificial one under general anesthesia. But the operation has a high cost, so there are many humans who prefer not to operate on their cats, always keeping them indoors.

Of course, if you feel pain then it might be best to remove the affected eye so it stops feeling it.

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