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Cat toy Funny Butterfly: the butterfly most loved by cats

You no longer know which toys to present to your cats to keep them active and happy? Today we talk about the Funny Butterfly cat toy, with the review of a faithful MicioGatto reader, who bought this butterfly toy for his kitten.

You should know that among the readers of MicioGatto, there are fathers and mothers of cats who really spare no effort to make their cats are happy 🙂 It’s the case of Emanuele, a cat dad really in love with his kitty Chopin, who every day, in the MicioGatto Facebook group, cheers us up with videos and photos of the adventures of this beautiful kitty, to whom we’ve all grown fond of by now < 3

Emanuele really does his utmost in every way so that Chopin grows up above all healthy, educated, but above all happy. I’d say that his busyness should be a model for all of us cat owners.

One of the activities that Emanuele likes the most, to make Chopin happy, is the compulsive toy shopping for the kitty 😀 He has bought so many, and Chopin goes wild every day among balls, toothpick canes, stuffed animals and various toys, a real feline amusement park!

The latest purchase for Chopin is the cat toy “Funny Butterfly”, bought on Zooplus, of which, with photos and videos, he tells us about his experience and the joy of Chopin. Let’s read them below.

“If your tiger cub has an innate hunting instinct and you want to give him moments of pure fun, this toy is right up your alley!


It has a wide enough base to guarantee its stability stability even from the most furtive attacks, and an attractive interchangeable butterfly which, thanks to the metal wire with which it connects to the base, manages to simulate the natural movements of a real butterfly, awakening the “tiger” that hides in every kitten.

The price of the Funny Butterly cat toy is really contained (only 9,99€) if you buy it from Zooplus siteand in the package are included, in addition to the base, also 4 butterflies (two yellow and two purple), the 3 AA batteries necessary for operation are not included.

My personal experience has been really very positive Chopin loved it right away, and seems to prefer the yellow butterfly to the purple one (hehehehe), but if your kitty looks at the game with a bewildered expression, fear not!

Just keep it off and try to entice it to approach, perhaps by manually moving the butterfly, in a short time it will no longer feel intimidated and will start playing with it; a small note on the butterflies but I have to do it, in my opinion they could have made them a little more resistant, never mind… always on Zooplus the replacement kits some butterflies for only €2.99; but if you are particularly creative (or want to save a little) I saw that the wings can be disassembled and replaced with other objects such as ribbons or laces (Chopin seems to like them anyway) the important thing is not to make the metal wire excessively heavy otherwise will be able to move.

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One of the greatest amusements for my tiger cub are ambushes, so to guarantee him maximum enjoyment I try to place the Funny Butterfly always close to places where he can first hide and then suddenly jump out and surprise his ” prey”.

Like many cats, mine is also a great curious one, so it tends to “snoop around” in everything I do, including when I cook, making the experience really very complicated, and it is precisely here that the funny butterfly distracting the little one for as long as necessary (ehehehehe) allowing me to prepare delicacies in peace.
What else to say? Chopin and I love it?”

How about this game reviewed by Emanuele and Chopin, you won’t want to try it! 🙂 Let me know in the comments if you’ve already tried it and if your cat liked it!

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