Cat to adopt, why favor shelters?

Cat To Adopt, Why Favor Shelters?

Anyone wishing foster a cat by adoption should turn to one of the many animal shelters in our national territory. There are many good reasons for making this choice. Let’s do a check in.

Avoid Cat Euthanasia

Shelters are overflowing with admissions, but the cats they shelter do not always find a foster family. After some time, there is no other solution than to euthanize them. So we can save lives in these little felines lost or, unfortunately too often, abandoned by their former masters.

Freeing Up A Spot For Another Endangered Cat

As soon as a cat is adopted it is another pet which takes its place in the structure. The figures are chilling: since 2018 the number of abandoned cats has increased by more than 20%. As an indication, if we include dogs and cats, there are nearly 12 pets abandoned every 60 minutes in our country. Sad record…

It is therefore easy to understand that space can be sorely lacking in shelters and that each time an animal is adopted it allows another to also have a chance to find a host family because these structures do everything possible to achieve this happy outcome.

Receive Advice Before Adoption

In a shelter, an adopter is received by a member of the team and can thus receive all the advice necessary for the adoption either successful And sustainable because the shelter staff know the animals and their specific needs well. At the same time, visitors are reminded how much adoption is a responsible act A commitment over the long term, and that an animal is a sentient living being. He must be given good care and his mistreatment is punishable by law.

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The staff does everything to ensure that the little protege will be well with his new masters, that they are worthy to become adopters. If there is any doubt, an applicant may be refused adoption.

Realize Real Savings

Even if the question of money should not take precedence in this choice, it must still be recognized that many people prefer to adopt a cat from a shelter rather than buy it from a breeder. The amount to be paid in the first case is disproportionate to the price of a cat in a cattery, for example. Moreover, since it was supported by the SPA it is automatically sterilized, identified And vaccinated, veterinary procedures that are very expensive. However, very often, the adopters only pay a financial contribution to the structure.

Choose a cat that meets your expectations

Whether in terms of race, character, sex or age, or even simply physical appearance, adopters have a wide choice among cats in shelters given the current number of abandonments. However, we know that the “falling for something” effect is important for families, even if what matters above all is to adopt a cat of any kind so that it can receive love and care even if it is not as beautiful as expected.

That said, an animal under whose spell you fall is more likely to be pampered because Man is made like this… This may not seem commendable, but what counts is the result: an animal Safe And protected by loving masters And respectful for which the kitty is the most beautiful in the world.

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Depending on their status, the shelters sometimes receive state aid but function above all thanks to the generosity of donors. By adopting a cat (or a dog, a horse, a ferret…) in such a structure, we support it in its fight for animal protection. Finally, it is educational to go there with your children when you want to adopt an adult cat or a kitten in this way. This is an opportunity to explain to them why animal shelters exist and to make them aware that they can bring happiness to an animal whose life story is painful.

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