Cat Scratch in pregnant women

Many times we have heard about the dangers of contact with cats during pregnancy in women, in many cases being wrong assumptions or altered information; But today we want to tell you a little more about a disease caused by a scratch from a cat , which could bring special risks to unborn babies.

The cause of the disease is the bacterium Bartonella Henselae , transmitted to humans through a scratch caused by a feline , either accidentally or through aggressiveness. The main symptoms are tiredness, fever and inflammation in the lymphatic system. And, although in the minority of cases, visibility can also be temporarily diminished and brain infections occur.


According to a study by Dr. Michael Giladi, 7 out of every 100,000 individuals are affected by the bacteria, and although it is estimated that it is almost certainly infectious in babies whose mother was infected during pregnancy, it has not yet This has been ensured due to the very few cases analyzed.

The research carried out by the Israeli Sourasky Medical Center warns about the existence of the disease and calls for its knowledge in the medical field so that it is taken into account when diagnosing a picture in pregnant women.




It was also commented that this does not imply that pregnant women should give up their pet during their period, but they do recommend following basic hygiene rules after dealing with the cat, and, if possible, avoiding contact with an unfamiliar cat.




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