Cat insurance: can you choose your veterinarian?

Cat Insurance: Can You Choose Your Veterinarian?

Any cat owner can choose a veterinarian freely and change it for any reason whatsoever without having to justify it. Mutual health insurance cannot impose a veterinarian on their members.

This freedom therefore allows each master to choose according to one’s own criteria. The geographical area is decisive for many people as are the prices. Certainly important, it is far from being the only criteria to take into account when choosing the veterinarian who will be responsible for watching over the health of his little feline. Let’s do a check in.

Choose A Veterinarian As Soon As Possible To Take Care Of Your Cat

A master has every interest in taking out an insurance contract with a mutual insurance company for animals in order to take care of the health of his little protege at a lower cost. Indeed, the expenses incurred in the event of accident or illness are at least partially reimbursed by the company once he has had the wisdom to insure your cat. It is also upon adoption of the animal that the choice of a veterinarian is essential, whatever the age of the animal and whether it is in excellent health or fragile. This choice is completely free, in accordance with article R242-48 of the Rural Code and maritime fishing.

In the interest of the animal, it is preferable that it be followed by the same practitioner. A kitty who knows his veterinarian is much less stressed during consultations and is easier to examine and handle. In addition, this allows the veterinarian to establish a file and to guarantee better monitoring of the animal.

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Main Criteria For Choosing A Veterinarian

Here’s what it takes at least take into account when preparing to choose the veterinarian to whom you will entrust your cat.

The Competence Of The Veterinarian

Of course, you have to choose a animal medicine professional possessing the State diploma of Veterinary Doctor and renowned for his competence. To find out more about this, just ask the masters who have consulted him on different occasions. Word of mouth counts a lot in getting a sense of a veterinarian’s reputation.

We can thus know if he is passionate about his profession, if he takes the time necessary for each consultation to give advice to the master and examine a cat (or another animal) with great gentleness, if he is benevolent and reassuring. Of course a good vet must be able to give a reliable and rapid diagnosis and to prescribe effective treatments as soon as necessary. All these qualities count a lot and make it possible to have fully trust in his veterinarian.

The Availability Of The Veterinarian

Being able to count on a veterinary service 24/24 and 7/7 is the wish of the masters in activity who have no other choice but to take their cat in consultation after their working day. Some animal hospitals and clinics meet this criterion. But it is possible to find a veterinarian practicing alone who still provides a Guard Service weekends and public holidays.

Geographical Proximity

It’s always more reassuring to know that you can get to the vet very quickly. in case of emergency. This is the reason why many pet owners prefer a practitioner based in their village or neighborhood. It is of course important, but it is necessary all the same beforehand to inquire about its competence.

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Equipment Performance

Everyone wishes that their cat can be followed by a veterinarian who has modern and efficient equipment so that their little companion can benefit from a good immediate support even in the event of a serious problem.

Choose Between Clinic And Isolated Veterinarian

A veterinary clinic offers extended hours, generally has very expensive state-of-the-art equipment to carry out the most complex procedures. But it is not guaranteed that the cat will always be followed by the same practitioner. This can be very disturbing for a particularly anxious little feline who will be much more confident in a veterinarian who exercises alone in his practice. The choice therefore belongs to the master of the animal according to the criteria he deems most important.

The Rates

In France, veterinary prices are not not regulated. They are therefore set freely by these professionals. For identical acts, we can therefore see very significant differences depending on whether we go to a veterinary clinic or to an isolated practitioner. But the prices also vary according to the place of exercise. Before choosing a veterinarian, it is therefore advisable to find out about his fee schedule, especially if you have a tight budget.

Even if the price of the acts is a criterion not to be neglected, it is neither the only nor the first to take into account when choosing a veterinarian, especially since the mutual insurance companies for animals reimburse them partially or totally according to the formula chosen.

Use An Online Comparator To Choose Cat Health Insurance

Owners of cats, dogs, horses or NAC can therefore be reassured: no insurer has the right to impose a veterinarian on them, or even require them to choose a practitioner from a list. They can therefore confidently compare the different formulas offered by mutual health insurance companies in order to select (again freely) the one that perfectly meets their expectations.

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To find the best cat insurance offering good value for money, the easiest way is to use a online comparator and let yourself be guided. A few minutes are enough to receive several proposals, free of charge and without obligation. For membership to be validated by the insurer, the person concerned will only have to send the required documents.

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