Cat insurance without reimbursement period

Cat Insurance Without Reimbursement Period

To guarantee your cat access to care whenever necessary without leaving too much money behind, the only solution is to take out a contract with health insurance for pets.

The masters of course want to find the formula best suited to the needs of their little protege, but what they also want is to be able to be reimbursed as quickly as possible for their veterinary expenses. If the procedure to follow to obtain a refund is the same for all companies, we note that from one insurer to another, the payment times for benefits vary greatly. Let’s do a check in.

How To Get Your Veterinary Expenses Reimbursed By Your Cat’S Health Insurance

To claim a at least partial support veterinary interventions, it is essential to have taken out a contract with an animal insurance company. If you opt for a formula with a waiting period, the contract only becomes active at the end of this waiting period. This therefore means that the animal is finally covered. Note that some insurers offer offers without a waiting period and that in these specific cases, the validity of the contract is immediate.

To request reimbursement for veterinary procedures, you must first download a care sheet on the insurer’s website. This document is to be given to the veterinarian at the start of the consultation so that he can fill in the area reserved for him. On the front, another area is intended for the pharmacist or the laboratory. On the back, the frames are to be completed by the member.

Part Reserved For The Veterinarian

The practitioner must provide the following information:

  • The name of the cat,
  • The insurance policy number,
  • The reason for the consultation,
  • The date and nature of the accident if this is the case or the name of the disease for which the veterinarian examines the animal,
  • Details of all medical expenses (visit, care, hospitalization, pharmacy, diagnostic tests and others),
  • The date and his signature as well as his stamp.
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Part Reserved For The Pharmacist Or The Laboratory

If necessary, this area should be completed by the professional who issued the medication prescribed by the veterinarian. He too must postpone the date, affix his signature and stamp. THE thumbnails medicines obtained on prescription are to stick on in the insert provided.

Part Reserved For The Member (Chat Master)

On the front of the care sheet, the “member” area and that concerning the insured cat must also be duly completed. You must enter:

  • The surname, first name, address and telephone number of the master,
  • The cat’s name, breed, sex, size, color, date of birth and identification number (tattoo or microchip).

Finally, the cat’s owner must date and sign the care sheet. All he has to do is send it in an envelope with sufficient postage to the postal address of his cat’s mutual health insurance company, enclosing all the supporting documents.

Cat Health Insurance: Sometimes Long Reimbursement Times

Gathering different information on the care sheet is an approach that involves each consultation with the veterinarian. The processing time varies from insurer to insurer. Mail is processed within 48-72 hours after receipt by many companies, while others reimburse within 14 days even more than 3 weeks after receiving the mail. In all cases, once the documents have been checked and insofar as no anomaly has been detected in the file, the applicant receives bank transfer or check depending on what he chose at the time of joining.

However, it should be noted that in the event of treatment or complex veterinary procedures, the reimbursement period is considerably longer, even with a company that usually reimburses quickly. But in this type of situation, many insurers entrust the management of the file to a expert. This is also the case when there is a suspicion on the origin of the disease or the accident which led the cat to the veterinarian or to the hospital. Here again the file is studied with a magnifying glass and the insurer does not pay the member until it has proof that the request for reimbursement is well and truly justified.

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When the refund period is too long, it is an untenable situation for the owner of the cat because he has advanced the money to have his animal treated, and it must be recognized that the amount spent can be very large, to the point of causing financial problems. Do not hesitate to read the general conditions and in particular the insurer’s commitment to reimburse within the period clearly stipulated in the contract. The reasons that may lead a delay in payment of the service must be specified therein. If it is not reimbursed within the allotted time, the member has every interest in contacting the mutual’s customer service to clarify the situation.

Be careful, however, a refund request cannot be processed by the insurer if the care sheet is not completed as required, if it is not signed or if it is not accompanied by the corresponding invoice. In this type of situation, it is not the insurance company that is responsible for the delay but the member who, moreover, may well not be reimbursed at all for this intervention. Also, before sending a request for reimbursement to the mutual insurance company for your cat, it is therefore very important to attach the supporting documents to the care sheet and to check that it has been completed, dated and signed.

How To Find Cat Health Insurance That Reimburses Quickly

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by an insurer, that is to say if at each consultation the reimbursement times are really too long, you should not hesitate to go to a competitor. To find a cat health mutual that applies very short reimbursement times, the best solution is to use our pet insurance comparator and let yourself be guided. In a few clicks, and after completing a short form, the person concerned receives several quotes personalized.

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There is no more compare formulas offered taking into account, among other things, the level of coverage, the annual reimbursement ceiling, the deductible, any waiting period. It is also necessary to check whether the repayment periods are indicated in the offers. Otherwise, it is strongly recommended to contact the mutual cat with which you wish to subscribe, in order to have this point clarified. Generally, the insurers who reimburse within 24 or 48 hours highlight this advantage because they are very aware that it matters a lot to consumers. The information is always clearly visible on the contract proposals. On the other hand, an insurance contract with no repayment period does not exist.

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