Cat health problems and how to detect them

Like any living being, the cat can also suffer different types of conditions or health problems throughout its life, caused by genetic, environmental or health reasons, so it is convenient that the owners of these felines have a basic notion of the main symptoms that could be warning of the presence of a pathology in your pet .

Hearing disorders : in this case the cat could be suffering from hate problems that make hearing difficult and risk of infections or major complications. Excess production of dark wax and secretions, in addition to the cat scratching or tilting its head in a strange way, are some symptoms that could be announcing a hearing problem.

Respiratory disadvantages : breathing with great difficulty, spasmodic and producing whining; chronic cough and sneezing; presence of fever and secretions.

Skin conditions : has alopecia or hair loss, scratches or cleans constantly, has bald or scaly skin, parasites.

Digestive problems : Lack of appetite, bloody stools and / or diarrhea, constant vomiting, constipation.


Nervous system disorders : extreme irritation in the dermis, nervous attacks or convulsive pictures, tremors and muscle spasms, paralysis.

Cardiovascular diseases : blue gums, breathing difficulties, unwillingness to move, fainting and collapses.

Reproductive system disorders : swelling of the testicles and mammary glands, abnormal secretions, presence of blood in the genitals.

Internal parasites: feces with the presence of worms or parasites, abdominal bloating, overwhelming weight loss, constant diarrhea, acne in the anal area as well as constant licking or rubbing of it.

Dysfunctions of the urinary system : excessive thirst, urine with presence of blood, excessive urine production or incontinence.

Muscle or bone problems: lameness, unsteady gait or reluctance to perform physical activities, sensitive or painful areas, swollen legs or other parts of the body.

Behavioral disorders : elusive behavior, excessive sleepiness, excessive water consumption, lack of appetite, howling and reluctance to go outside.

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