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All about gestation of cats or pregnancy: how long it lasts and what to do when a cat is pregnant, care and precautions that the owner must follow to avoid complications during this delicate phase.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant?

There are some signals unequivocal that they can do us understand that the cat is pregnant: for example, if after days of continuous meowing and running around the cat refuses the attention of a male cat, it is because it may have been fertilized. Others common symptoms of the first phase of pregnancy in the cat are nausea, regurgitation and refusal to eat.

How Long Does Pregnancy Last In Cats?

Gestation in cats lasts an average of 63 to 69 days and kittens born before 60 days are premature and therefore may not be able to survive.

How To Prepare For The Birth Of The Cat?

The terminal phase of gestation in cats coincides with the last week before giving birth. There are very specific symptoms that can make us understand that the birth of kittens is very close: the cat’s nipples swell and redden and the feline dozes all day. She then becomes more restless and anxious, especially if it is the first pregnancy.

For prepare for the birth of the cat prepare one basket for the pregnant cat, causing her to give birth in there. Avoid leaving wardrobe, drawers and cupboards open and have the most comfortable place possible for her to give birth, which is sheltered, quiet, secluded and with a soft blanket.

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From the moment the cat goes into labor which you can understand when the meows get even more intense and alternate with purrs, wait for her water to break: after about an hour the kittens will be born and best wishes!

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