Cat friendly clinic in Valladolid Castilla Veterinary Center

Those of us who are cat owners know about the peculiarities and individualized treatment that our beloved felines need, so we try to take our cats to those veterinary clinics that seek their well-being.

In order to offer that well-being to our felines, the Castilla Veterinary Center has been recognized with the certificate  “Clinic friendly to cats”, Gold Level,  a recognition granted by the International Society of Feline Medicine.

Castilla Veterinary Center. Cat friendly clinic in Valladolid

First and only Veterinary Center of Castilla y León to obtain the gold certificate from the International Society of Feline Medicine.

  • Veterinarians in constant training accredited by the International Society of Feline Medicine to apply the most innovative treatments in Feline Medicine.
  • Auxiliary and reception staff with training accredited by the International Society of Feline Medicine to collaborate in a stress-free stay in our center from the moment they walk through the door.
  • Waiting room, consultations and hospitalization units exclusively for cats and with all kinds of details for a stress-free stay.
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic tools, which together with the training of our staff have allowed us to be the only gold standard center in our Community.

Quality standards to be recognized as a cat-friendly clinic

  1. Staff training

They must complete an  annual training  of 35 hours for veterinarians and 15 hours for assistants. The center will have an up-to-  date library  for staff.

  1. The friendly handling of the cat should be oriented to:
  • Minimize stress, fear and anxiety in the cat.
  • Help owners reduce stress during the trip downtown.
  • Minimize negative stress in the clinic like odors, noises, and bright lights.
  1. Communication with the owner
  • A member of the clinic should be designated as a “ Cat Advocate” to ensure that the Cat Friendly criteria are met and to answer any questions from the owner.
  • The clinic should have brochures with relevant information about the cat.
  • Make active communication through social networks or newsletters, with relevant information about the clinic, staff or medical information.
  • Budget in writing the cost of diagnostic tests and treatments.
  • You must inform the emergency service 24h. If this is not available,a referral center must be provided to go to in an emergency.
  • Have consent forms available for when the cat is admitted to the clinic.
  • Make available to customers f ORM complaints.
  1. The waiting room
  • The clinics  Platamust have only a waiting room cat or separate barriers, permanent or temporary, to avoid eye contact between cats and dogs.
  • The clinical  Oro should have benches or stands to the least 1 meter high when there is more than one cat present, towels or blankets should be placed on the carrier to avoid eye contact and create a barrier to sneeze.
  • The clinical Bronzewho can not make structural changes in the waiting room must provide query times only for cats to prevent cats and dogs are.
  1. Consultations
  • The duration of consultation must be at least 10  minutes 15 minutes for  Gold clinics ).
  • The  Gold clinics should have a  room exclusive consultation for cats.
  1. Hospitalization of cats
  • The  clinical Bronzewithout hospitalization,  must have an  agreement with a silver clinic .
  • The  clinical  Platamust  separate dogs and cats , minimize noise and visual contact between them. If separate rooms cannot be set up, barriers should be used to prevent eye contact. 
  • The  Gold clinics should have a  room  exclusively hospitalization for cats  and should be able to  isolate a  cat with a contagious disease.
  • Cats should be  examined at least once  a day. Owners should know what kind of supervision their cat will receive during the night.
  • The  environment should be calm and relaxednoise and intense lighting should be  avoided .
  1. Hospitalization cages
  • Cages should be secure, leak-proof, and easy  to disinfect.
  • The  material must be  solid . They can be mesh or metal, and should have a covering as a barrier to sight and sneezing. Mesh cages are not suitable for a Gold Clinic.
  • The floor always has to be solid and opaque. It is recommended that the walls and ceiling are as well. The front of the cage can be made of wire mesh, glass or plastic. Cages for overnight accommodation or longer should have solid, opaque floors, walls and ceilings.
  1. Operating room and anesthesia
  • A  Bronze clinic without an operating room must establish an  agreement with another Silver clinic .
  • The  clinical  Plata must have the  equipment  appropriate for inducing and maintaining  anesthesia  usually in cats and kittens.
  • At  Oro clinics, an operating room must be  available  at all times. Monitoring the anesthesia should include  pulse oximetry  and  monitor  of  blood pressure . A staff member must  monitor anesthesia  and complete anesthesia charts.
  1. Surgical operations
  • No  you can perform operations to modify the appearance of a cat or other non – medical purposes.
  • A  Bronze clinic must establish an  agreement with a Silver clinic.
  • Clinics must have  adequate equipment and materials. There should be   adequate cleaning facilities  for surgical equipment and instruments, and a  recognized method of  sterilizing them . Sterile gloves and gowns should be
  1. Imaging diagnosis: X-rays and ultrasound
  • A  Bronze clinicmust establish  agreement with a Silver.
  • Clinics must have  X-ray equipment suitable for use in cats and kittens. Additionally,  Gold clinics  must keep  records of each  X-ray patient and have  ultrasound equipment available  or be able to use it when needed.
  1. Laboratory
  • The clinic should have a  basic laboratoryto measure  blood glucose,  urinalysis, and urine specific gravity  with a refractometer.
  • The  clinical  Platashould have a  microscope  of good quality and a  centrifuge  to separate blood,  evaluate PCV  (measurement of red blood cells)  and  sediment urine samples . Additionally,  Gold clinics  should be able to perform  additional tests such as sodium, potassium, calcium, urea, creatinine, and total protein  . They also need to be able to assess   a cat’s blood type



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