Cat food

Cat food is a huge world. There are countless brands on the market, and new ones appear from time to time. Regardless of whether you have already had a cat or not, going to a store to choose what I think it will eat is not easy, since we can also give it a more natural diet , better known as the BARF diet .

So what cat food do I give him? This is a question with a difficult answer, but surely after reading this article it will be much less difficult for you to decide on one.

Natural food

And let’s start talking about natural food. Cats are predatory animals, that is, they are carnivores. In the wild they feed on everything they can hunt: rodents, small birds, and perhaps an insect. But of course, when they live with us they cannot eat that, basically because there is no one who wants to have those frozen animals in the fridge 🙂, so there are those who choose to give them meat from other mammals that, although in the wild they would never eat , they provide all the nutrients they need to grow and stay healthy.

The BARF diet consists of feeding raw food to animals . In the case of cats, they are given mostly meat (at least 80%): chicken wings and thigh, liver, lungs, … You can also offer herbs (parsley, thyme, rosemary), but without forcing them to eat it. Although it is a matter of giving a diet as healthy and natural as possible, both the viscera and the fish and herbs are highly recommended to cook them . This avoids taking risks that could endanger the health of our friend.

I think

The feed began to be used as cat food towards the end of World War II, which means that they have only been eating kibble for about seven decades. This is a type of food that has allowed us humans to save time , because we simply have to open the bag or can and fill the feeder. It is very comfortable, but we currently find many, many brands of feed, both dry and wet, so how do you choose one?

Always reading the ingredients. A premium feed is one that does not contain any type of cereal (neither corn, nor rice, nor flour), and does contain a high percentage of meat. However, they are also the most expensive, so if we cannot afford it, a good alternative is those so-called ‘medium quality’ feed, which does contain rice as cereal, but it is not all bad and does not usually cause allergies. . In any case, in the online store you will find a wide variety of feed.


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