Cat, does he get attached to only one person?

Adopting a feline, at any age, isn’t true that it can’t give us emotions: it becomes attached exactly like any other pet, both as an adult and as a puppy.

He can understand his good fortune and is able to show gratitude. Taking it home with you means saving a life, or rather two. Yes, because it’s not just our four-legged friend who ‘earns’ us, it also significantly changes our existence.

It changes precisely because the cat gets attached and not necessarily to a single person. Miao can also understand the concept of family. And we will finally know what unconditional love and fidelity are.

Who Does The Cat Get Attached To?

Certainly, but it also applies to other pets, the feline make a selection. It does so on the basis of merit and experience. If we show him that we deserve his trust, he will have no reason to show distrust.

Having said that, however, it is not true that the cat becomes attached to only one person. If he does it, it’s because only one has done it to him understand that man is not evil and that, indeed, can be a valuable travel companion for life.

Especially the puppies, who still don’t have many previous experiences to condition them, they trust. They don’t know fear and, until proven otherwise, they will get involved by the actors they meet along their way.

This is why the role of the mother is important. It is she in the first months of life who teaches them the concept of right and wrong harmless and dangerous.

How Many People Does A Cat Get Attached To

tabby cat looks up

The number is variable, but restricted to who deserves it. Furthermore, it is important for Micio to find a reference figure, and it is natural that he finds it in the one – or she – who has adopted him.

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The socialization phase is fundamental in this sense. If in the first months he learns concepts such as distrust and fear he will carry them with him for life and will not trust them easily.

In this sense, mother cat and puppies must live together for a certain amount of time, if detachment occurs early the little Miao will suffer consequences that are worth investigating.

If instead, his ‘childhood’ is happy and meets reliable bipeds and quadrupeds, he will tend not to have too many difficulties in getting to know strangers. Micio will therefore be more daring and playful.

If you adopt a traumatized cat, for example, it will be more difficult – but not impossible – to convince him that he can only get good from us. In this case, patience, dedication and time are the ingredients.

How The Cat Gets Attached

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The cat doesn’t necessarily become attached to just one person, but it is selective and the behavior of the owner it affects his relational choices, if we want to call them that. Sex, age, but above all his character affect the attitude of your four-legged friend.

Even the time dedicated to him, the quality of the hours spent together, the attentions: everything plays a determining role in formation of the relationship between biped and quadruped. If we do a good job and prove we deserve it, we can become Miao’s reference figure (and be one “until death do us part”).

The Character Of The Cat

Obviously, since it is an interaction, it does not only affect the nature of humans but also that of the small ball of fur. Determine characteristics are innate and must be respected.

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Thinking of changing a cat is not only a utopia, but it is profoundly unfair. When adopting, one must keep in mind that training and socialization they are important, but they must respect the nature of all the subjects involved, cats in the first place.

Many People Have Asked Us

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The feline is a mysterious animal. And the fact that there is a communication gap due to species differences does not help, which is why it is important to know and know how to correctly interpret the language of cats. Only in this way can we take care of them and pamper them to the fullest.

That said, many are wondering if certain beliefs are real or false myths about cats to debunk once and for all. Among the most frequent questions, there is one that concerns stray specimens.

Does An Adopted Adult Cat Become Attached?

Usually, a cat taken as an adult becomes attached, especially if it is came out of a shelter. The difficulty can arise if he has previous experiences that make him distrustful, but it is a question of gaining his trust. Despite the false beliefs, in fact, even the feline manages to show gratitude. A shape that we bipeds are unlikely to be able to try, let alone externalize.

Even if he’s already grown up, no one can establish a priori that Micio isn’t able to become attached to him. Indeed, perhaps it does more intensely. And this is already a first advantage, if we are looking for someone who loves us and who can appreciate our love.

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We can also choose it, with the help of the shelter’s volunteers, according to our needs. This is not a pure act of selfishness, but of a responsible decision: a quadruped that does not adapt to our lifestyle and vice versa will not live at its best and our goal is another.

AND all a surprisenothing is predictable and every day we will be able to share with him the joy of experiencing new adventures that will only strengthen the bond.

What To Consider Before Adopting A Cat?

Regardless of the energy level and characteristics of our Miao, choosing to live with a cat presupposes a thoughtful choice and aware. There’s no going back, it’s not a cuddly toy, and it can’t suffer any further trauma.

As commendable as it is, we have to be sure that we can be there for him for life. Not only the emotional aspect should be evaluated – which is not questioned – but also the practical one. To adopt it means commitment, economic availability and dedication until the last day. We only take this step when we are more than sure what it means. The rest will be beautiful, there is no doubt.


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