Cat climbing everywhere, possible causes and solutions

The cat that climbs everywhere gives vent to the most atavistic instincts, how to find the right compromise between nature and healthy coexistence at home

Adopting a four-legged friend is a joy, but also a commitment. The cat that climbs everywhere risks causing damage to the house, but it is not right to deprive it of its natural instinct. The secret is to find a happy medium.

In order to do this, it is essential to understand what are the causes that lead him to act in a certain way and how we can do to make him serene and satisfied without the price to pay being the destruction of every piece of furniture in the apartment.

In fact, every choice of Miao has a reason for being. Our job is to make sure that his quality of life is as good as possible. By finding the right compromise between his needs and our needs, with lots of love and the right attention we can be the most important people in his feline heart.

Cat Climbing Everywhere, Why

The cat that climbs everywhere listens to atavistic call which his wilder ancestors left him. We must not overlook the fact that before domestication (and even today for strays) cats had to hunt to survive.

This instinct goes beyond the food always in the bowl: in Micio’s DNA there will always be a ‘little voice’ that will push him to chase anything that moves. This also challenging the height. This explains the reason why we surprise him at the top of the wardrobe, on the stairs, on the highest shelves and in all the places up to that moment unreachable to our eyes.

Cat, A Concentration Of Curiosity And Exploration

cat on top of wardrobe

Our four-legged friend nails the upholstery by instinct, to maintain always sharp claws in case of need. Explore every corner of the house because it can’t do without it, but be careful: it’s great at moving from bottom to top, but not vice versa. That’s why cats can’t get down from trees.

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Anatomically they are made to reach the most demanding heights, but – when it comes to doing the reverse route – they don’t have the same safety. Also, any road accidents they can traumatize them. If the cat doesn’t want to go down the stairs, for example, it’s likely that when we weren’t there he fell and is now afraid.

Control the wild calls of Micio, without depriving him of his instincts, therefore it’s not just a matter of decor, but also of safety. Better than games designed especially for him than angular and slippery furniture.

How To Prevent Him From Destroying The House

cat on the stove

The well-being of our little ball of fur is a priority, seeing him always cheerful and perky is a joy for the heart. This however must accord with the needs of bipeds present in the house and with the painstakingly purchased furniture.

It being understood that when adopting a pet the house must be quadruped-friendly (with always clean bowls, adequate litter, kennel of the right size and games that stimulate the brain and body correctly), it is right that Miao learns the basic rules of coexistence so as not to become the unmanageable master of domestic spaces.

To do this, especially if it is the first experience, it is important to be advised by your trusted veterinarian and by an expert ethologist in feline behavior. Punishing the cat, as well as being harmful to its psyche, never leads to results. Experts will confirm the fact that to protect something you care about, it’s important to give Micio a valid alternative and, in any case, get rid of what you have most precious.

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The cat that climbs everywhere, then, if we don’t want it to climb on the luxury sofa, it must have another surface to exploit satisfactorily. On the market, by now, there are many scratching posts that grow in height for example. Or there are paths to put on the wall to simulate trees in nature and the healthy fun he would have if he were free to run around in the woods or on the street (without the dangers to which the outside world exposes).

Many People Have Also Asked Us

cat on the windowsill

Cuddles, caresses, purrs: these are all excellent reasons to enjoy the company of an animal as mysterious as it is surprising. However, a feline around the house it’s not a stuffed animal: has its own needs. By learning to understand the language of cats we will be able to decipher them correctly and take care of him in the best way. We’ll also help prevent any harassing behavior and answer frequently asked questions like these.

How To Stop A Cat Jumping On You?

Again, a cat that climbs everywhere (even on people) has its grip reasons that need to be identified. If he’s still small he may have socialization problems and need puppy training classes.

If, on the other hand, it is an adult, it could be the cat’s possessive aggression. The point is to make the cat feel calm when there are guests (and not only, even in everyday life). Occupy it with something else satisfactory but harmless to others, could be a valid solution.

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What Can I Give If The Cat Hurts Me

Properly educating Miao and thinking of a house also for its presence helps preserve your own safety and that of the quadruped (which certainly has a strong component of unconsciousness). If while he is playing or seeking our attention he is unable to measure strength and claws it is important to make him understand the mistake without scolding him.

If it bites or scratches and it hurts, let’s stop the game now (or what he experiences as such) and ignore it. Over time, he will make negative associations about the behavior. If, on the other hand, he behaves correctly, reward him with another game or a healthy but tasty snack: he will make positive mental associations and understand what is best to do for the satisfaction of all the players involved.

If we then notice atypical and enduring behaviors over time, we contact the trusted veterinarian and arrange a check-up. Certain attitudes could hide psychophysical ailments that must be identified and resolved as soon as possible. Let’s not leave anything out and let’s not be fooled by false myths about cats: it is important that any problems are solved by the experts in the field.

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