Cat carrier Which is the best?

The summer season is synonymous with vacations and travel. If you want your pet to accompany you, you will need a carrier. However, the vast offer on the market can overwhelm you. Therefore, in the next few lines we are going to detail what aspects you should look for to find the perfect carrier.

Because it is not the same to acquire a carrier for a medium-sized cat and for a long plane trip than another for a puppy for routine visits to the vet, pay attention to what we explain below. We started!

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omfort and safety, the keys to the perfect carrier

Whether it is a carrier, a carrier bag or a cat cage, all of them must ensure the freedom of movement and comfort of your cat, as well as its safety and easy handling.

In general, it is best to opt for a rigid or hard plastic coated carrier , with a removable roof and a mesh door. Only then will you have the certainty of combining optimal safety, stability, comfort and ventilation.

Before deciding on a specific model, you should weigh and measure your pet. The dimensions of the carrier should be equal to one and a half times the size of your cat. If it is a puppy, take into account how much it can grow and in the meantime place a padded base to prevent it from moving excessively.

Size, shape and material

These 3 concepts are the most relevant, although not the only ones to attend to when you go searching for a carrier for your cat. Roughly, cat carriers are classified as semi-rigid or flexible and rigid .

The former are foldable, therefore, they take up less space, and are usually made of rubber or fabric. They are more aimed at small cats, but you should always pay attention to the fact that the edges are rigid to provide you with reasonable stability. They are also suitable for short trips, for example visits to the vet.

The rigid ones, on the other hand, are made of hard plastic and are usually disassembled, at least, in one of their parts (roof, tank and front mesh cover). Although they are usually somewhat heavier, they are the easiest to clean and are suitable for larger cats and for long journeys, for example, a plane trip.

Basket-shaped carriers

They are the ideal carriers for those felines that are reluctant to use these devices. By having the upper part open, you can deposit it very easily and even, if you need it to take it to the vet, you can explore it right there, without having to remove it.

In contrast, this type of carrier is usually made of wicker, which, like cardboard, are the most difficult to clean . Something to keep in mind, since in addition to the health of your pet being at stake, you are interested in getting rid of unknown odors or those from alert pheromones. Your cat could identify it with an unsafe place and not want to enter.

Many of the semi-rigid or flexible carriers have zippers. You must make sure that they are metallic, double and that they close properly. Your cat could escape with a simple sudden movement, with the risk that this implies if at that moment you are in the street or at the wheel.

Safety and regulations for traveling with pets

The International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) makes it clear. If you are going to travel with your pet by plane, the container that contains it must meet a series of requirements:

  • It must be robust and resistant.
  • Have enough space for your kitty to move easily.
  • Be leak proof.
  • Have ventilation in at least 16% of its surface.
  • Carry a space to provide food and drink.
  • Be marked with a label that says “live animal”.

If, on the other hand, you require the carrier for more everyday trips or journeys, you should refuse those that have protrusions, slits in which your cat could get hooked, as well as those whose grilles are too narrow, since they will make it difficult for your pet to breathe correctly .

Other considerations

In general, it is not advisable to opt for carriers made of porous materials, since they will not allow the urine to leak. In turn, it is appropriate that their base is in the form of a tray because they will guarantee stability and you can clean them more easily.

Likewise, it is very convenient that it consists of grids in the door or in the grooves of the walls. Your cat will be able to breathe and you will be able to see what it is doing and reward or calm it if it becomes nervous.

The outer pockets are very practical to store your vaccination record, your favorite snacks or soakers to prevent possible incidents. The protective patinas add a security bonus that should be taken into account. The handles and straps will facilitate the transport.

How to get your cat used to the carrier

If you only use this device for the times when you have to take him to the vet, it seems logical that getting inside is not what he wants the most. Therefore, to avoid this type of situation you must familiarize your cat with the carrier.

Leave it within reach so that as a puppy he can sniff it, get in, go out and play with it. Once again, you must use positive reinforcement to your advantage to consolidate those small achievements. Every time he shows an attitude of approach, you should reward him with a candy, a toy or whatever motivates him the most . Thus, you will consider it your property.

In short, the target for cat carriers is a wide sector that requires certain prior notions in order to select the most suitable model for the characteristics of your pet and your needs. We hope we have helped you. Have you taken a good note?

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