Cat breeds (Turkish Angora – Balinese)

There are two breeds of cats that happen to be perfect for those of us who like to have a furry ball around the house: the Turkish Angora and the Balinese . Both can live without problems in a house with children, since they are very playful and sociable.

Let’s see what are the main characteristics of these two beautiful breeds.

Turkish Angora

These cats have their origin in Turkey. The Angora were one of the first to be classified as a race , as they differed from the rest by their long and soft fur. These animals have a medium size, and an athletic body with long legs that help them to have a more robust body. Turkish Angora are affectionate, as well as very curious.

Although it is a breed that is quite well known today, it is very difficult to find. In Europe there is only a small group of hatcheries. But this, although it may seem like bad news, in reality it is not so bad: they are unique cats, which have not suffered alterations over the years. And, those who want to breed them, try above all to keep their characteristics intact.

Balinese cat


The Balinese cat is a breed that derives from the Siamese, obtained by crosses with long-haired cats. The goal was to get a long-haired Siamese , something they have achieved. Originally from the United States, it was recognized as a breed in 1960.

They are medium in size, with a triangular head, blue eyes, and long hair. These furries are very loyal to their caretaker, and very dependent (if I may speak), as they will always be trying to get attention to be petted or played with. Thus, they can become the best friends of your children, with whom they will have a great time doing the odd mischief.

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