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We might think he is a Persian, but we would be wrong. The exotic cat is an independent breed of cat, with one, if I may say so, felinity (which amounts to personality) that make it a charming animal that will enjoy your company.

In addition, it does not need much care , except for the basics that we will now see, so you will not have that if you prefer to spend more time with your cat and not so much to brush it, the exotic will be your ideal friend.

History of the exotic cat


The exotic cat comes from a cross between a British Shorthair and an American shorthair hybrid with the Persian , giving rise to a Persian shorthair. Indeed, it has practically the same characteristics.

Our protagonist began his career in 1966, thanks to Jane Martinke, a breeder of short-haired Americans who was also a judge of the feline breeds. This woman suggested to the Cat Financiers Association (CFA), that a different class be created for this hybrid cat that at that time still had no name, and she was so lucky that only 11 years later, in 1967, it appeared for the first time in feline shows such as Exotic Shorthair.

Main features


This is a cat that has large, round eyes, a rounded head, and a short nose. Its body is large, weighing up to 6kg , and muscular, with short legs. It is covered by a dense and soft fur that can be of various colors, which are unicolor (white, black, blue, chocolate, lilac, red and cream), or multi-colored , which are:

  • the tabby or brindle,
  • bicolor (when another color is combined with white),
  • tortoise shell,
  • tabby tortie (when the tabby is covered in shades of red or cream),
  • spotted tabby (spotted tabby),
  • They are bicolor and tricolor (when they have two or three spots on the body),
  • smoke (when a color affects about 2/3 of the length of each hair),
  • shell (when the tips of the hairs on the head, ears, tail, back and flanks are colored, and the rest white),
  • silver shaded (when the black color, or blue in the case of the blue shaded, extends up to a third of the hair length),
  • pewter (when the legs have black shading, but the chin and belly are white),
  • golden (when the undercoat is apricot color and becomes more intense until it reaches gold),
  • colourpoint or Siamese pattern (when the dark color is limited to the face, ears, legs and tail).

Exotic cat character

This is a calm cat, but also very curious. If there’s something new, he’s sure to be one of the first to see what it is. It must be said that he is very playful and very sociable , being able to get along with other animals and with children, with whom he will have a great time.

If there is something negative or less good that we have to highlight, it is that he does not like to spend a lot of time alone , so if you are going to go on vacation, it is best to leave it in charge of someone you trust or, better, that take it with you.

How is it cared for?


To have this healthy and happy plush, it is very necessary that it be given a series of basic care:


It is advisable to give him a high quality meal. If you are going to give him natural food, you can give him meat and fish, but without bones and without bones . Fish and organ meats must be brought to a boil before being fed.
On the other hand, if you are going to give it feed, I recommend that you look for one that does not have non-derived cereals, but does have a high percentage of animal protein (minimum 70%).


Once a day you must pass the card , which is a brush that has stiff bristles on one side, and soft on the other. In molting season, after brushing it, it is convenient to pass the Furminator , which is a brush that removes all dead hair.


Every day you have to clean the eyes with a sterile gauze moistened in warm water, and the teeth with a special toothpaste for cats.


We cannot forget about games. You have to play with it every day , either with a ball, a laser pointer (always aiming at something it can hunt, so it doesn’t get frustrated), or even with a box that has had some holes drilled in it.

Veterinary care

You have to take him to get the mandatory vaccinations , the microchip , and, of course, you should go every time you suspect that he is sick or something has happened to him . In addition, it must be taken into account that it can suffer from polycystic kidney disease, which is characterized by the appearance of small cysts in the renal cortex that increase in size as the cat grows.

Where to buy


After what you have read so far, would you like to live with a beautiful exotic shorthair cat? Read on to find out where to buy it:


There are few breeders yet, and it is not easy to find one that is truly serious and professional. But here are the keys that will let you know that you have reached one:

  • Facilities, including cages and feeders, must be clean.
  • Animals must be well cared for, showing active. They shouldn’t smell bad, which could be a sign of diarrhea.
  • The manager must answer all your questions, and let you see the puppy’s parents.
  • He will not deliver the kitten to you when he is less than two months
  • When the appointed day arrives, they will give it to you with all the documentation in order: passport, vaccines, pedigree.


You can find ads for the sale of cats of this breed on the Internet, but how to avoid being scammed?

  • The ad must include contact information, including name and telephone number.
  • The content of the ad must be written in the same language. This, although it seems logical, is sometimes not taken into account. There are scammers who write a text in your language, translate it to others using online translators, and copy the text. The translators we find on the internet have improved a lot, but they still make mistakes. If when reading a text there is a word that does not fit, distrust.
  • Never give money up front.
  • You should go see the puppiesand hang out with them.
  • This person will not give you the puppy when it is less than two months

Pet Shop

In pet stores you can sometimes find kittens of this breed for sale. The only drawback is that, as in the case of buying from a private party, they are delivered without pedigree ; although they will be healthy and well cared for.

Exotic Cat Price

The price will vary depending on where you buy it, but more or less it can cost you about 7,00 euros in a professional kennel, about 500 in a pet store or about 300 if you buy it from a private individual.


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